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It seems that the popularity of Hwang no Jo (Gamba Osaka) is striking in the sky.

The football team, led by Paulo Bentu, was on the HoL route after 12 years on the Incheon International Airport. The national team will compete against Australia and Uzbekistan in the 17th and 20th season.

Kim Mun-hwan (Busan), who was injured by five local players, including Lee Chung-yong (Bochum), Koo Ja-chul (Augsburg), Hwang Hee-chan (Hamburg), Kim Jeong-min (FC Ripering ), Jung Seung-hyun (Kashima Antlers) Except six people, including 20 people gathered together.

World Cup stars Jo Hyun-woo (Daegu) and Yongyun Lee (Jeonbuk), Kim Min-jae (Jeonbuk) and Hwang In-Beom (Daejon), who have become key attackers.

On this day, the airport was impressed by watching the troops of Taegeuk. With gold medal 2018 in Asian games and successive A-matches, the expectation of Korean football, which attracted the interest of players, increased.

The heroine, who dressed the girls in the clouds and led great joy, was Hwang's brother. After winning the first place with 9 goals in Asian games, the game as the main striker for the A. Hwang team shows its winning caps by scoring six consecutive goals.

Visitors who came to the airport were interested in the work of Hwang. Especially when Huang Joe entered the bathroom to change clothes, he got up and waited for him to come out. As soon as he left the toilet, the Hwang group responded to the fans' autographs and shooting.

Hwang Joo-jo said: "I have a lot of fans at the airport and in the future I will show you a good shape." "I want to continue to put many goals and show good results to supporters." /[email protected]

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