"Emperor Quality" Choi Jin-hyuk, the first public edition of the imperial body ..[Oh!쎈 컷]


[OSEN=박진영 기자] "Forget about Choi Jin-hyuk before!"

Choi Jin-hyeo of "Imperial dignity" is a passion for the flames changed hair from head to face, for the first time in life as a short haircut for imperial watch.

On November 21, the 21st section will open a new drama "Empress Empress" (Kim Soon-ok / directed by Dong-min Dong / SM Life Design Group). An original story that combines love, desire and revenge. It collects topics with players with strong abilities such as "Kim Hyun-ok" and "Elijah" who have strong performance capabilities such as PD, Jang Na Ra,

In particular, Choi Jin-hyeok captures its self-determination, capturing the first force that has been transformed into the "Imperial Guard". It is solid and sturdy, but look at the image that retains its position by looking everywhere with shiny eyes.

Above all, Choi Jin-hyeok showed extraordinary enthusiasm, for example, for the first time in his life he performed an exceptional "short crop", which added the character of the emperor's guard. Here was a beautiful tie and a black dress for a vest carrying a protective earphone microphone fitted with an intense "imperial bodyguard". The challenge of Choi Jin-hyuk, transformed into a rigid imperial bodyguard, which is completely different from the romantic point that was shown in the past, attracts attention.

Choi Jin-hyuk is the "protection of the Emperor's Imperial Guard" recorded in Chungcheongnam-do. Choi Jin-hyeok did not wear his coat when shooting in cold weather. Although due to the large number of people who have appeared on this scene, a lot of waiting time, Choi Jin-hyeok continued his preparations by reading and practicing scripts from his recording location. From the haircut to the eye, it seemed that the employees changed their minds, and the staffs raised their thumbs and said, "It seems to be a real fuse" and "Charism is different." Choi Jin-hyeok's uncompromising decision to start the enthusiasm of his character set the scene on fire.

In the meantime, Choi Jin-hyuk "soon cut his head in his life for the first time in his life to adapt his career to the Imperial Guardian. I challenge myself with the desire to more truly express my character, as well as the work of Emperor Empress." "It is different from what I have shown so far, I see a new charm Choi Jin – I will try to shoot, "said a special affection.

"Every time I go on a shoot, I feel that Choi Jin-hyuk is an enemy of the character of Naeung-sikka." "In the second half of 2018, I want you to look forward to the transformation of Choi Jin-hyuk, which reminds you of another life- osen.co.kr

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