Developed "nano muscle fiber" that grows like true muscle tissue


(News Chungcheong Medicines) Home researchers have developed nanoscale fiber technology that grows as a muscle in one direction.

Professor Kim Geun-hyeong Sungkyunkwan University

Professor Kim Geun-hyeong of Sungkyunkwan University and Yumiji graduate student upgraded the electrophilic process to control the direction of muscle cell growth.

Bio-inks were developed by adding biodegradable hydrogel materials with excellent processing.

Here I added an electric field and realized a fiber bundle that grows in one direction with a fine pattern.

The diameter of the cellular bundle is only 70 to 100 탆.

The researcher said that the initial survival rate for nanofiber cells was greater than 90%.

This means that we have overcome the problem of cell death in existing electrophilic processes.

In addition, cell activity, such as cell sorting and differentiation, was three times better than the 3D cell printing process.

Professor Kim Geun-hyeong said: "This is the first case where nanofibres containing cells are regulated using the electrophilic process." We expect that we will contribute to the regeneration of human skeleton and heart muscle tissue. "

The research was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Fundamental Research Project Korea Research Foundation.

The article on the achievements was published on the small title of the International Material Science Journal.

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