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Chinese iPhone users change to Huawei


Huawei P30 Pro (Pro) (Image = Huawei)

Chinese iPhone users turn their attention to Huawei. The impact of trade warfare between the United States and China is not as small.

According to QuestMobile's first half report, a Chinese market research firm quoted by China press Shin Jing Bao, Apple's share of China's mobile resource market decreased from 25.5% to 23.15% between June 2018 and June 2019, of existing iPhone users. Replaced them, 54% of users selected Apple devices. The remaining 46% opted for Android devices. Of these, Huawei is the most popular.

The first and third Android devices replaced by users such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, iPhone 8S, and iPhone X are all Huawei products. Of the replacement users, 27% have selected Huawei.

Qwest Mobile's mobile phone analysts analyzed the high cost of Apple devices and the weak brand power lowered the attractiveness of Chinese consumers. US trade wars. There. And China, the apple buckets spread throughout China.

Some consumers have functional factors. According to Shin Jing Bao, a Chinese Consumer in a Beijing University has said that the camera function of Chinese-made Android smartphones has gone down, which is the reason to buy Chinese smartphones.

Huawei's market share in the Chinese market reached 46.1% in the second quarter, according to market research firm Kanta. Chairman Roy Chi Fei Huawei aims to reach 270 million global shipments this year as a weapon in the Chinese market.

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In the first half of the year, Quest Mobile saw about 800 million active mobile devices.

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