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[부산=글로벌뉴스통신] 32. The Busan Youth Choir Festival will be on Saturday, November 17, at 5 pm at the Grand Theater Gallery Busan.

This year's Busan Youth Camp took place in Busan to cultivate the feelings of youth in the Busan area and provide opportunities for playing and playing pure choir. This year, there are about 800 Busan youth from 12 organizations, Rise. The concert consisted of 3 groups of chamber of elementary schools, 4 groups of municipal boys and girls' choirs in Busan, 4 groups of young people in Busan and 12 groups of children's and children's choirs in the municipality of Busan.

The Festival of Youth Choir in Busan will be held at the stage of the internal assessment of the Busan Municipal Boys and the girls' choir and will provide visitors with high-quality performances and plenty of eyeglasses. The concert is dedicated to pure choral music, and the musical part consists of two free tracks, which can express the characteristics of choirs in a maximum of 10 minutes for each group.

The first stage is "Boys and Girls Choir Boys Boys", "Love" and "Clap Yo" at the CTS Busan Boys and Girls Choir, "When I Grow Up" and "Revolting Children" Hands. Then, in the order of the Nammun elementary school chamber and the Bujeon Primary School, people in Busan tell the beauty of choral music.

At the end of the performance, the song will be played mostly by the choir's Busan Municipal Boys choir (conductor Ikon Kwon), and the final performance will be performed by the entire choir "It's Completed.

Official of the Busan Municipal Boys and Girls' Choir said: "With this performance, there will be an opportunity for young people in Busan to communicate with each other with the choir." "I want many audiences to appreciate the purity of youth choral music." He said.

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