578 students from the school challenge "2019 school year"


On November 14, the Ministry of Gender Equality and the Family announced that 1,439 adolescents at the National Center for Youth Support Outside the School are preparing for admission to the university in 2019, and 578 will have 15 days of testing of the college.

Under the Non-School Youth Support Act, adopted in 2015, the leisure section offers various academic support programs through 206 Dream Dream Centers in cities, counties and districts in order to support the return of students to and from school.

(Ministry of Gender Equality)

(Ministry of Gender Equality)

It also provides additional support for juvenile adolescents who are preparing for GED and SAT. It supports online lectures and exam books while operating a preparatory center in Gyeonggsin and supports the use of the Gyeonggi certificate, which takes place twice a year in April and August.

In addition, since 2016, the Ministry of Education (Korean University Education Council, Korean College of Education) in conjunction with two annual, annual seminars for admission outside the school. In particular, this year we set up individual pens for college and held a fair .

In addition, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, students who have missed early childhood education or the termination of compulsory education (elementary and secondary school) can receive professional programs run by the Dream Dream Center (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gangwon, Jeonnam, Chungnam and Jeju).

On the basis of this support, 616 schoolteachers using Dream Dreams on enrollment colleges for the school year 2018 managed to enter the university.

Choi Seong-ji, a youth policy official at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said: "Half of the young people who did not opt ​​for their careers hoped to continue their studies, such as returning to regular schools. Based on the results of the survey young people outside the school will extend support for further education of young people outside the school. "

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