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In common … A great spiritual sequence of Donghak's peasant revolution

Hosted the 15th Donghakov Congressional Revolutionary Conference
[아시아경제 호남취재본부 김재길 기자] The 15th Conference of the Revolution of Farmers in Donghaku was held in Jeonbuku, Gochang-gun, the epicenter of the Donghak Peasant Revolution and the East Asian Academy of Sungkyunkwan University (President Han Ki-hyung).

From August 8th to 9th, the 15th Conference of the Congolese Revolution of Donghaka will be held at the memorial hall of the 600th anniversary of the University of Sungkyunkwan (in Jongn, Seoul).

Based on previous research, this conference will examine the actual situation and significance of the Donghak peasant revolution in the Gochan area and compare the understanding of Donghak's peasant war between the two Koreas and the perception of Gen Bong-jun in the phase of peace and co- was designed to provide opportunities.

The first day of the conference began with the keynote address of the president of the memorial foundation of Donghak's peasant revolution, Lee Yi Hwa, "The Age of Intercourse and Donghak's Peasant Revolution".

The first theme "The Importance of the Establishment of General Bongjun Jeon and the Future Commemorative Project" was debated by Shin Young-woo (Chungbuk National University) and the discussion on Lee Byung-kyu (Sungkyunkwan Univ.). Discussion on Song, Yong-Sup (Korea Univ.), And the discussion on the third topic "The study of the Donghak Peasant War of the two Koreas and the comparison of General Gen Bong's Fourth Theme" Comparison of the Donghak Peasant War described in the textbooks of South and North Korea "was made by the announcement by Lee Shin-chul (University of Sungkyunkwan) and the discussion on Jeong Tae Eun (Institute for Historical Research).

In addition, the commemorative project of the economy during the Gohan time organized a time for cultural visits to the historic city of Donghak on September 9th and discussed with the colleagues (Mungdu and Gochang) about the Donghak peasant revolution.

The visit took place during the visit of the historic cities of Donghaka, such as the bronze statue of Chun Bong-jun, which was built as a national donation on the streets of Kyeongbok Palace and Jongno Street.

One participant said: "It's a precious time to know a lot about the general leader of the Donghak peasant revolution from the peasant revolution of Gochang and Gochang." I would like to thank Ko Chang-gun and Gochang Dong-Hak Memorial Business Association. "

Gochang-gun, an organic prize, said: "Gochang-gun, the birthplace of the Donghak Peasant Revolution, will deepen the understanding of the people of the Donghak peasant revolution and continue to inherit the spirit of the Donghak peasant revolution." I will continue to pursue various programs that people can participate and experience, and I will continue with my proud wishes. "

On the other hand, the area of ​​Gochang on December 3, 1855, the birthplace of Jeon Bong-jun, the general leader of the Donghak peasant revolution, and was the main actor of Donghak, the Annunciation in the Armed Forces (lunar) has a very symbolic meaning in the history of the Donghak peasant revolution, shows why Donghak's army army bombed, its purpose, goal and goal of the fight.

Reporter Kim Jae-gil

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