Ubisoft Refuses to Regulate Graphic Design at Rainbow Sixthsie – Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Victory

Ubisoft recently changed some graphic designs in "Rainbow Six Series" in order to comply with the discipline in the specific Asian region. This is applied to all versions of the game, but Ubisoft refuted the change as it was repuled from the players.

Changes in the graphic design range from icons to multi-game environments. The icon due to melee attack kill from the knife to the fist. The skull image is restricted by covering a mask. In addition to removing the splashing of blood from the wall, slot machines are eliminated from the bar and the space where there is nothing to spread to the counter.

The "Rainbow Sixshi" community did not welcome this change and was dubious that it changed not only the play area to regulate by law but also all versions. Some players call this policy "Covardice", and they complained that all the players around the world must make the same idea because of the law in a specific area.

"As a result of talking about the solution last week, I came to the conclusion that I will recover all the changes in graphic design," Uby Soft said in the last post on the blog.

The change was returned at the time of "Operation Wind Bossion" update, so we are doing everything right now to minimize postponement of updates. Since "Rainbow SixSeege" does not have multiple versions, players in the Asian region can also enjoy the game without suffering from regulation.

"Operation Wind Bastion" can now be experienced with the "Rainbow Six Siege" test server. "Operation Wind Bustion" adds two new operators, and a new map "Fortress", New Weapon Skin, Professional Team Costume and Headgear, UI and Game System Improvements are added.

"Rainbow Six Victories" is now on sale for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC.

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