Mazda: improve fuel economy by 30% in order to release the new "Axelo" equipped with the next generation engine – Bloomberg


Mazda will release the new Axela model (the name External: Mazda 3), which is the first vehicle to install the next-generation "Sky Active X (X)" engine, which was independently developed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will run from The end of this month, I announced.

Printed picture of the new "Axele"

Source: Mazda Motor Crop.

In the case ofSky Active X is an internal combustion engine that combines the benefits of a high-performance petrol engine and diesel engine with efficient fuel economy. For the first time, the world has been successful in the practical use of an engine fueled by compression ignition engines that has been adopted in the Diesen engine.

Akira Marumoto In an interview with Bloomberg and others, the president explains that Sky Active X will be installed in the "Mild Hybrid" that supports the engine of the engine. By combining the next generation engine with electric motor technology, it is expected to improve fuel economy by more than 30%, and it is said to be able to inhibit emissions of air pollutants. "We will install it from a high-end model and let it go", it also indicated the idea of ​​extending the target model to a multi-purpose sports car (SUV).

In October Mazda announced that it will be equipped with motorized technology for all cars produced in 2030. On the other hand, the share of pure electric vehicles (EV) will be only 5%, while the remaining 95% will be mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Continue with the idea of ​​internal combustion engines, such as gasoline engines, and plans to limit carbon dioxide emissions (Co 2) as far as possible.

Source: Mazda Motor Crop.

In September, the European Union (EU) imposed stricter criteria for automotive exhaust gases and methods for measuring fuel efficiency. If the average of carbon dioxide emissions does not reach the target value, the failure will be introduced, and the target value of emissions will be aggravated in the next 21 years. Mazda will provide 10 billion yen for this fiscal year, which is due to the strengthening of environmental regulations in Europe.

Analyst Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Matsushima has named Mazda as a Japanese carmaker, who is likely to seek to strengthen environmental regulations in Europe in the September report. Depending on the sales trend of the next generation model, it is said that it is not possible to deny the possibility of additional monetary penalties, etc. In addition to a mild hybrid equipped with Sky Active X, Maruomoto said he will introduce electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the future, he said: "If it goes according to plan, it will be released from paying the penalty in 21 years."

In the case ofOn the connection with the Toyota Motor with Capital Connectivity Mr. Marumoto is a rival in a competitive field and emphasized that the basic principle is to continue consultations in the field of cooperation, and Sky Active X is "Mazda's identity and power This is one of the brands," he said that she did not want to offer Toyota.

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