VMware and AWS partnerships are expanding


At VMworld Europe 2018 Vmware announced the continued expansion of VMware Cloud in AWS in Europe and the US, and plans to reach new regions in AWS EU (Ireland), AWS West (California) and AWS East (Ohio) at the end of this year. VMware also announced the new features of this service cloud hybrid, which will allow customers to improve the protection of virtual desktops and applications.

Based on VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS offers consistent infrastructure and operations from data center to the cloud, which allows customers to move to the cloud continuously, if necessary, expand and operate on the basis of next-generation strategies. Together with VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), applications used in this environment benefit from robust disaster protection and optimized access to AWS services. With the same architecture and operational experience in the field and in the cloud, information teams can now acquire immediate business value by using cloud experience in AWS and hybrid clouds of VMware. VMware Cloud on AWS distributes, sells and supports VMware and its partner community.

Progress Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) for VMware Cloud in AWS provides powerful protection for large workloads and intensive storage, which significantly reduces the cost and complexity required to enable the business continuity of critical applications.

z Restoring VMware Web siteCustomers benefit from automatic capabilities for orchestration, overdrawing, and disabling, reducing the secondary costs of post-disaster recovery sites, speeding up time to protect, increasing corporate resilience, and simplifying recovery operations by accident. VMware Site Recovery allows customers to take advantage of the flexible protection between VMware Cloudom in AWS, on-site environments, and VMware Cloud in AWS environments. And with the latest version, VMware announced that Site Recovery will double its scalability to 1000 VM for SDDC, which will reduce overall costs and operating costs for extensive environmental protection.

In order to reduce operating costs, customers can only pay for what they use when they need it, with demanding cloud rates. Elastic DRS allows customers to optimize asset management with SDDC-based disassembly based on user requirements, and Elastic vSAN with the Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) helps customers further reduce the cost of high-intensity workload protection.

VMware has worked with Dell EMC for aggregation Dell EMC VxRail with the VMware Site Recovery software for a complete instant switch to VMware Cloud on AWS. This allows customers to quickly install, test, and divert from VxRail to the cloud on demand while at the same time exploiting the operational compliance of the VMware vSAN hyper-converting infrastructure that controls VxRail and VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS It offers a fully integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. Combines VMware Cloud's business capabilities on AWS with VMware Horizon's leading capabilities for a simpler, safer, and more scalable solution. VMware Cloud on AWS now supports Horizon 7 Instant Clones for timely provision of virtual desktops. Customers can now start virtual desktops at desktops at an average speed of 1-2 seconds, while Instant Clones reduce space usage by up to 80%. Running your desktop during user logout simplifies maintenance. VMware also announced the integration of Horizon 7 with Horizon Cloud Service. This integration will ensure uniform visibility, health monitoring and user assistance for Horizon 7 in both VMware Cloud on AWS and local infrastructure.

With the further expansion of VMware Cloud in AWS in additional AWS regions and with new migration and portability capabilities, customers can migrate applications faster and reliably, and extend data centers to the cloud. In the past, live migration of a large number of virtual machines by customers can cause overloads by synchronizing data, which puts the security of migration at risk. VMware Cloud Motion with vSphere Replication, the VMware Hybrid Cloud Extention feature, is now available to provide a vivid and predictable migration of thousands of virtual zero-resolution devices. Customers can also remotely migrate individual applications to and from SDDCs and availability zones using VMware vMotion.

In addition, with integration between VMware NSX, a key component of VMware Cloud on AWS, e AWS Direct Connectcustomers have a high-performance virtual cloud cloud network to accelerate migration of workloads in the cloud. Networking and security are essential for the success of the data center and cloud migration projects. The integration between NSX and AWS Direct Connect accelerates cloud migration and allows hybrid multi-level applications. In addition, NSX micro-segmentation capabilities now offer also application-centric security with policies that monitor workloads wherever they go in the SDDC environment.

Customers perform their key business operations on VMware Cloud on AWS. This means that high-value technical support is essential to ensure operational efficiency, risk reduction and business continuity. The new VMware product support allows customers to truly truly and effortlessly meet the dynamic needs of their digital business. VMware middleware provides access to channels and support resources, including chat with support, managing support requests, community support, and intelligent search, right in your VMware environment. This gives customers simplified support, which enables them to solve problems faster and easier. VMware Europe 2018 introduced a new VMware VMware Cloud VMware Cloud experience in Cloud Services, VMware Cloud to AWS and VMware Skyline. Following this initial introduction, VMware Cloud solutions are expected to receive product support experience in the future.

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