Video / Cosenza Lecce (2-3): highlights and goals of the match (Serie B 12 ^ day)


We can learn from this highlights for Cosenza-Lecce that the San Vito race was really full of feelings. After thirteen minutes, the guests gave a double advantage over the Veneti and Palombi goals, which seemed to be concluded. In the second half, Piero Braglia decided to put Baez and Maniero on the field in order to fully draw their team in the first part of the game. Tutin's rifle seemed to make the hosts an important draw after the team fell to two goals. Just two minutes to enjoy the draw that comes in the winning goal of Lecce, thanks to the wonderful Filippo Falcou who can take advantage of the launch in Lucioni. For Pugliesi, a major knockout victory in Pescara is important. Cosenza, on the other hand, falls again and remains in the play area.

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At the end of the year Cosenza-Lecce the coach of the hosts spoke Pietro Braglia as reported by the official club website. These are indicated: "We killed ourselves We made some big mistakes and misinterpreted the game Unfortunately we are always wrong We are all culprits We make the wrong estimation during the match I am the first responsible for the mistakes of this game I do not want to hear other speeches I accepted, I was very fond of Piazza during the week and I was thinking about giving him a place because Maniero had a lot of fun a little backbone. It began that the race began to isolate and in our position we can not afford to ".


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