Vespa Gts, the scope has been restored Improved technical equipment – Report



Piaggio chooses Eicmo to present updates to Vespa Gts, a leader in the field of Vespa, which is replenished in style and technical equipment.

The most powerful engine

For the year 2019, the Vespa GTS range improves, which introduces a series of updates. The new Vespa Gts now consists of five versions: Vespa Gts, Gts Touring, Gts Super, Gts SuperSport and the technology Vespa Gts SuperTech, with a color TFT display that fully utilizes the connectivity with a smartphone via the Vespa Mia system. . Two engines: a single-engine 125 HP (High Performance Engine) engine is now a one-cylinder 125 i-get. Piaggio's newest motor technology and capable of delivering power over 23 hp is the most powerful engine ever adopted on Vespa.


Vespa GTS is in the history of the two wheels, which are the most popular in the world and have collected the legacy of the legendary Vespone, so they were always called Vespa with the body – strictly in steel – bigger. Vespa, founded in 2003 with the arrival of Vespa Gt 125 and 200, has been developed since 2005 with the launch of the Gts 250 version and then a displacement of up to 300 cm3. In 2016, the family of the i-get family arrived at Vespa Gts, with a capacity of 125 and 150 cubic centimeters.

Piaggio 300 hup engine

The new Vespa Gts is equipped with the latest development of a 4-stroke, 4-valve, 4-valve, liquid-cooled and electronically controlled single engine: the result of the experience of the R & D Center Piaggio Group, the High Performance Engine unit, from a number of interventions aimed at achieving greater efficiency while at the same time reducing fuel consumption. Compared to the previous version, the maximum power reaches 17.5 kW (23.8 KM) at 8250 rpm, which means a 12% increase, while the maximum torque is 26 Nm at 5250 rpm 18%. Improvements accompanied by a significant reduction in consumption, with a journey of 29.4 km / l to 31 km / l in the Wmtc cycle. That's why "the most successful engine ever installed on the windscreen – interpreted in the company – is the result obtained with the precise work of Piaggio technicians on most components, with the aim of optimizing thermodynamic efficiency and reducing friction." The adoption of a new head and piston, which was changed in architecture, led to a high-quality combustion chamber, which also benefits from valves and inner tubes with a larger diameter. A single-beam distribution system with roller bearings gets a cam axle with different timing times and different lifting times for valves. To improve combustion

it also contributes to the introduction of a new high-pressure injector. A more generous suction line finally improves the torque you get at low revs and ensures an extremely smooth ride on every ride. –


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