Tumors: the story of Eleonora, "at 15 years of leukemia, but I never gave up"


Eleonora has 26 years, graduated from economics and management in Boccona, works as a brand manager GlaxoSmithKline, a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Verona. A strong and determined young woman at the beginning of her professional career. It has now been 12 years since the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which was hit by her teenager, but Eleonora managed to defeat her.
"I do not know what allowed me to come here. I know for certain that it was to a large extent the result of the education of my parents, so that I do not lose such a decision that allowed me to never give up"It's Eleanor's," he said, "one of many research-related cancer-related success stories." More specifically, to support research and support the activities of approximately 5,000 scientists from the Airc (Italian Cancer Research Association) in laboratories of universities, hospitals and institutions , on Saturday, November 10, in more than 1,000 Italian markets, chocolate search ".
With a minimum donation of € 10, you will take home a 200-gram dark chocolate package, a food that can be beneficial in moderation, as explains Andrea De Censi, director of medical oncology at Galliera Hospital in Genoa: "In cocoa beans, more than 200 different compounds have been found which have beneficial properties for the human body. The researchers focused mainly on polyphenols, which are particularly rich in this ancient plant. Studies have shown that the diet contains dark chocolate – emphasizes – reduces the number of precancerous lesions by inhibiting inflammatory mediators, increasing antioxidant enzymes, and repairing DNA, and reducing cell proliferation".
In March 2006, Eleonora is 15 years old and attends classical high school. She is a carefree girl, very dynamic and sporty. On Easter this year, in fact, he is on vacation in the mountains because he loves skiing, but there he is on the slopes after a day, which is found with a very high heat and a strong feeling of exhaustion. A few days later, during a racing race at school, he feels bad again, can not compete and fade in the first round. Parents, doctors, decide to do blood tests. On 4 April 2006, Eleonori was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza.
For that reason, one year has been followed by a protocol in the hospital and in the next two years it maintains chemotherapy with pads and injections of the spine. Control it for two more years and now it's fine. The pains that suffered in such a difficult time in physical pain and emotional agony fell on the first floor of July, only 53 years, of his father, for a heart attack, only three months after the news of the disease was fought. in the same hospital where she was hospitalized herself.
"After the death of my father, my mother was more than ever and with the help of my twelve-year old sister and close friends I continued and completed intensive care for two years"Eleanori still says. Today, it is physically good, but, as often stressed, it is not and will not be the same as before."I have never been back, neither psychologically nor physically, because I am convinced that I have become a different person and, in my opinion, better. The disease causes growth and change. Pain and think", Is his message.
In Italy, more than 373,000 new cases of cancer have been diagnosed in the last year, more than 1000 a day. Forecasts for the years to come show that in 2030 cancer will be the leading cause of death in the world, with 21.6 million new cases a year. Alarm data requiring the mobilization of all.
This year's action of search chocolates has a special face, the little Vivian, who invites us to choose this gift to support the work of her father, researcher Thomas Vaccaria, who returned to Italy for the loan from Airc, and the work of all other researchers. In addition to the chocolate box, the guide will also be shared with valuable information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors.
The distribution of chocolate continues from 12 November to more than 1,900 Ubi Banca subsidiaries present throughout the territory, which confirms its commitment, together with Airc as the institutional partner of the "Research Days", which also provides a range of banking instruments for the collection of funds and offers the possibility financing of young talented Italian researchers.

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