traffic in tilted and long lines


The vehicle overturned Gra

Impressive accident at night at the Grande Raccordo Anulare with the consequences of traffic to this morning. A truck carrying bitumen and directly to the city of Fiumicino, alongside an internal roadway at 38,500 km Casillas, turned around after a collision with BMW, which is a 23-year-old Romun vehicle. The driver of the truck, still in shock, told Polstrady that he had a fierce opponent to avoid hitting a car, which he told him suddenly cut off the road. "I'd rather risk persecuting this car," he told rescuers. However, the dynamics need to be checked. both drivers luckily agreed. In the meantime, the slow road is still closed in this section, as reported by Astral Infomobilità. There are long queues from Labar to Rome-Fiumicino at the current road. Outside from Labaro to Nomentane. This is to enable the work to remove the track. On the spot, firefighters at work also provide the area from night.


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