The funeral work begins with the end of the day


Cosa succede dopo la morte? What are the conspiracies of death? A quanto ready to secondo el ricercatore Sam Parnia who has analyzed the conspiracy that has been in line with a cardiac arrest, which has been considered 'morte' biological parliaments. Ma vediamo cosa significa.

Esperienze pre morte ed extracorporee. Quando parliamo di esperienze di morte di solito siamo abituati a distinguere in 'esperienze extra corporee' o 'esperienze pre morte' e sono spesso considerate il frutto di allucinazioni o illusioni e gli studi in materia scarseggiano. By the way, more than ever, Sam Parnia has been talking about the ripple stories that have taken place in a cardiac arrest.

Cos'è la morte. Parnia spiega "contrariamente alla percezione comune, the morte is not a specific momentum, but a reversible potentially process that presents a number of occurrences of malady to cure, polymers and cervical stress detection." Secondly, it is important to invert this process that the front of an 'arrest cardiaco', which is not the case, can only say 'morte'.

Cosa succede durante le esperienze pre morte. The ricercatori has sapped that the 39% of people were forced to arrest a cardiologist from the state of conspiracy through the 'morte' biology, insomnia if it had come to the conclusion that they had come to the conclusion that they had taken a ritual, in ospedale or other situations in which the cure has to work, especially the riprenders.

But why is not it all right? The sci-fi sciences experience the probability of conserving the biological biology of life all the same, and farmers are preparing for recruitment by eliminating ricordi and quitting alone with their memories.

Conclusioni. Insomma, secondo Parnia, the pre-moon not only allurements, but the prospect of living in a life of an arrest cardiaco: if you are a conspiracy who has died, then we have our whole continent to be alive, of course, 20/30 Second, since the time has come to light the funzionare.

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