Tesla, President Robyn Denholm. Men's choice of women's 5G


If not for the small details that are on the board (and in the audit committee) Tesla from 2014, you can read it
appointment as President Robyn Denholm as a sign. This is the choice of a top manager who, despite being not a "car boy" in the techno dna
he knows, and how. Denholm has a magazine that was used by Sun Microsystems, Juniper, Abb and, finally, just over a year, Telstra,
with a fresh job (only two months) of the CFO and strategy leaders. Denholm leaves the company
state-of-the-art telecommunications in the 5G race (commercial launch on all Australian territory, divided
in the three phases of the approach set for 2020). He knows very well the secrets of the connectivity of the future,
which will be essential for cars that will manage gigantic data, dialogue with each other and the enabling of high levels
automation, as well as the appropriate quality for entertainment and guide.

55-year-old from Sydney, because there was, as said, a new entry for Palo Alto. Really. Things can not jump
eye. More than one observer therefore considered that the move by Elon Muska lost the opportunity to give Tesla
a truly independent guide. Of course, the father is interested in little or nothing and is not interested
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an American stock exchange body, is a man-made exercise, a lover
provocations and impossible challenges. After all, Musk was forced to give up his chair, he would not have it
almost dumping on its own initiative.

At the end of September, SEC launched a legal action for fraud and false and misleading statements by investors
for a tweet, on August 7, the volcano founder and executive director, without informing the shareholders and notifying the authorities to the authorities, announced the intention
Tesla withdraw from the stock market. All this brings the competition of a sovereign sovereign PIF fund. The price is incredible, 420
dollars per share, calculated with a premium of 20% compared to the prices of those days. But, he promised Musk, who challenged him
exceptional leap in title, secured financing. Consob enough for the stars and the lines for laying shoulders
on the wall is an entrepreneur, visionary and open-minded. The issue was concluded with a plea agreement, which was rather stagnant
dear musk: an obligation for the presidency to leave for three years and fines for $ 40 million (20 in his account and 20
in Tesla).

Today's announcement of the transition of the story.

Denholm will leave the Australian company tlc when the deadline for the six-month notice period
full-time for a California car manufacturer. In the meantime, you have already resigned from the audit committee. Obviously, if you do
will cost more than a company that will be able to manage the intemate of musk. It may be a more complex challenge than it is
After seven years, I could contribute to the first balance sheet of profit as a financial expert
successive quarters in red.

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