Stress, 10 tips to effectively combat them


It's renamed "Evil in the 21st Century", which can cause depression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, changes in metabolism, tics, and hair loss. And so it is widespread that, according to recent surveys carried out by Assosalute in the last six months, about 85% of Italians were affected. Yeah, look stress this is an unpleasant lifelong partner of most of us who can be spoofed through work, family and even leisure time. In order not to underestimate his devastating power, thenInternational Association for Stress Management based in London establishedAwareness of stress awareness », Stresa Awareness Day, which will be launched this year on November 7th.

"These are the working conditions in which we live that promote conflict and anxiety, the symptoms that manifest themselves through disturbances such as shortness of breath, irritability, reflected in the current anger of anger, often accompanied by feelings of guilt over their own behavior and fixed thinking, compared to situations and people, "he explains Marina Osnaghi, the first major certified coach in Italy, which supported large entrepreneurs and professionals in achieving his goals.

"The roots of stress do not only reside in the futility of routine, but also in the perspectives from which we look at life. One of the biggest causes of stress and conflict iserror: true or supposed, misconduct, personally or otherwise, is at the root of a number of internal stresses for a person who then explodes in relationship. "

Yes, but because the same problem name, Stress, indicates the point of the maximum twist that the cable has reached before breaking, how can it be prevented before it causes a disease, inflammation, or even a nervous breakdown? Here 10 valuable tips Marina Osnaghi to respond more appropriately to the constant, numerous, sometimes irritating attempts of our everyday life.

Ask the right questions
Both our behavior and others. It is important to ask what kind of mistake was made, what was the emotional reaction, the actual objective damage, what decision to take and what steps should be taken to achieve it. But even what we can learn from the mistake and what type of forgiveness we want and want to give. These questions open the door to answers that publish new ideas and perspectives, dissolve the knot of resilience, and enable us to become more agile in thinking and working.

The importance of good nutrition
According to scientists at the University of Saint Louis, mowing a frequent or fast diet would be a source of stress for the body: it is better to replace it with an easy and balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. To live with the greatest calm man.

Greener office
A room full of plants does not only help to improve the oxygenation of the environment, but also reduce the pressure of people inside. A study of the University of Washington suggests this.

Who is going with the lame …
… Learn to blink, condemn human wisdom. And also for stress is this: in particular, it could be nervous people tolerate your malaise even those around them. Therefore, it is better to try to distance yourself from colleagues and acquaintances who are not very healthy with the problem.

Besame mucho
A survey of two thousand pairs of researchers at Northwestern University has shown that, lack of kisses, also outside the bed, can cause people to suffer from stress. With a greater risk of falling into depression.

More kindness, more efficiency
It also helps with the fight against stress with small fears and a little concern, which bosses and colleagues produce. In particular, studies by the State University of North Carolina show that leaders can communicate with education and friendliness their requirements would improve the performance of employees.

Avoid Computer and Television
Work and leisure are more and more often stuck on the screen. Poor, very bad: According to the University of Gothenburg, spending too much time in front of the screen involves sleep problems and increases the risk of depression.

Have plenty of potassium
Potassium is a valuable ally to combat stress, even in its supreme moments. The American Psychological Association has discovered that it helps regulate pressure and prevents the worst consequences, such as a heart attack.

Repetita ivant
A little more routine, in fact, sometimes it can not be damaged. By the dock. Perry Klass with the repetitive moves of the University of New York are good anti-anxiety: repetition of words, phrases, strokes or known sounds can affect stress reduction.

Let's laugh
The positive effect of laughing on the brain is well known. Experts from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have particularly stressed how laughter actually increases the amount of oxygen rich in our bodies that stimulates the heart, lungs and muscles. Morally: it increases the production of endorphins, happiness molecules, and stress decreases.

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