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Closing of Corso Perron

Closing of Corso Perron

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Genoa – "Corso Perron will be reopened tomorrow morning and will be a great step ahead for Volpolevra". A little great maybe the genius of Genoa Marco Bucci, Commissioner for the reconstruction of the Morandie Bridge, announces that the road on the right bank of the PoleServa Torrent, which will double the possibility of direct and non-motorway connection between the valley and the rest of the city, will be returned to the Citizens in the morning of tomorrow, Thursday 22 November, and not Friday evening as initially hoped for.

In fact, the work on the realization of the jewel, the protection structure, is almost completedEventual case of material from the abutments more than the viaduct. The mayor spoke on the sidelines of the inauguration in Bolzanoeto of the new branch of the court competition, also created to simplify the lives of the citizens of the valley. "Tomorrow Cosso Perrone – then Buxi," Tomorrow we began to demolish the 9th palace of the bridge and then for two weeks in the most I'm going to be the reopening of Perlaska.

With the reopening of Corso Perroone E That is waiting for Perlaska All the streets of the Volpolsevera will be practically again, if we exclude by Walter Fillak, the one that passes exactly in the red zone under the Pillar 10 of the Morandi. Also Corso Perrone will be regulated by a traffic light connected to the sensors connected to the abutments, as already happens on June 30.

Bushishi: "Let's Remove Another Wall"

"Let's take down another wall!" So the mayor of Genoa and Commissioner for the reconstruction of the Morandi Bridge, Marco Buxi, comments on Facebook the reopening of Corso Perrone traffic scheduled for "late morning morning". "It is a fundamental link for the neighborhood of the Morgan Bridge with the compartment area of ​​the northern region, and the rest of the West Highlights – another important step that will help the Valpolevira's viability."

Bookkeeping: "Local Employment Is Important"

"We will not put constraints, but the fact that the project of demolition and reconstruction of the Morandi Bridge can have a relapse on the territory in terms of employment interest us a lot." So the mayor of Genoa and Commissioner for Reconstruction Marco Buxi answers the question whether, in the process that will lead to the selection of the winning project, the use of local work will also be assessed. On the sidelines of the inauguration of the new proximity committee of the Genoa Court in Bolzano, Volpolsevera, will be addressed what will be the parameters that will lead the commissioner structure to make a decision: "Not only time and costs, we can not For the sake of quality, the cost of maintenance, the duration of the work, the aesthetic beauty. "According to the Mayor-Commissioner, there are Italian companies that can carry out the projects:" You will be given the characteristics of the characteristics , Then I believe that in Italy we can do beautiful things, done well and low price. "

Totty: «Promise maintained»

"Tomorrow morning with Mayor Marco Buxi, we will recall Corso Pereño, closed to traffic after the Morandi Bridge collapse." It was announced by the president of the Liguria Region and Commissioner for the Morandi Bridge Giovanni Toti, This morning on Facebook, and commented: "Another promise holding good news for the Valppersea districts and for the city traffic: So we work to solve the emergency, this is the liguria we like.

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