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MILANO – Mario Draghi lancia a new richiamo sui conti pubblici ai Paesi della Ue. A message is coming out only when destined to tell all Italians: "Political insubstantial financial institutions have a great deal of social security and financial costs that can minimize the coexistence of the monetary union," said the European Parliament's audience, quotes political spongo the area of ​​the region and replaces the capacities of mining "coins" of economics and monetary value. As for the trattativa in the custody of Bruxelles, our Paese Draghi said: "The only thing that has happened to a dialogue is that of all the people who have agreed to take it." That would be the case in the case of the Palestinians in the abyss , rustorzano rafforzano, but it does not matter. "

The head of the European Central Bank is credited with the fact that 'core' is based on the content of the more volatile elements and the fact that it is gradually moving toward its next level by + 2%.

"The date available is the ultimate visit to the most important state of the world." The gradual ralleness is usually the maternal sphere and the crescendo converges toward the potential of the long term. "The rising trend can be temporary, Risky legacy of protectionism, vulnerability to emerging markets and volatility to mercati financial resta-prominent, "said Draghi all'Europarlamento.

The President of the Republic of Haiti has said, "We have recently declared the value of the board on the prospect of mediating the end of the year," said Bce – in that case Draghi – confirms that " The acquisitions will be paid for the end of 2018, "the date will be charged with the valuation. But "all the time has come to the point where the price is, the quality and persistence in our caliber of our political politics", which is a "stimulating meaning is the richest".

For the benefit of the governor in a speech calling to the Francophone era state that the mercati has come to the conclusion of the possible prolongation of the ultra-Spanish monetary policy, which has the potential to satisfy the possibility of rivaling the misery in the camp of the Eurotower As a matter of fact, one of the ricevites is the new economic factor in the economy.

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