Milan is already at the crossroads: it is unsuccessful against Lazio. Waiting for a decision on Higuain

MILANO – The worst way to join the Champions League with Lazio at the start of the championship after a break for the citizens. The game with biancocelesti, though only one third of the championship, will be of great significance: after defeating Juventus, Rossoneri are in the 1st place from the fourth place, occupied by the team Simone Inzaghi. Loss of further contact would give rise to a significant impact in the quest for an area that ensures participation in the Champions League.

JUTRINJ SJUDI – Milan will have to face this crucial game without his most representative player: Higuain, sent last night to the bianconeri in protest, at the height of a dinner full of frustration due to a penalty kick, failed in the first half. Tomorrow, when the sports referee is released, Milan will know what is the outcome of Higuain.

Pipita is at risk for two days (it is difficult to imagine a longer stop), but Milan hopes that the penalty is limited to one round only because he protested the Argentine with a decision but would not complain to the judge Mazzoleni. Followers simply prevented him from approaching the referee (some Juventus players also contributed). And Higuain apologized at the end of the game in the wardrobe and in front of the cameras.

MAINTENANCE IN LIFE – Gattuso, according to Lazio, should not restore many players from the increasingly busy Milanello hospital. In those two weeks Calabria returned. It is unlikely that the return of Bonaventure, which, together with Suso, is capable of bringing more inventiveness to the Rossoneri maneuver. The former atalanta must live with an inflammation of the knee that is struggling to improve. The player assesses the situation with the medical staff in Milan. And he will return to the field when the problem is completely resolved so that he will not drag on.

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Mario Calabresi
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