Inspectors from the International Monetary Fund come to Rome

"We are thinking about it, night gives advice". That's how it reacts Salvini journalists asking him what the government will answer on the refusal of the maneuver set by Brussels. The EU Commission expects a response by November 13 and Conte & Co. he will have to choose: go to the clash or find mediation?

Salvina did not give exact answers yesterday from the political school of Lega. "We do not go stubborn: it's like that," he said. "We will definitely write to make constructive advice and suggestions." But without too much decline: "No prejudices, no threats – the reasoning of the League – Commissioners do not. Do not touch the basic elements of a maneuver of one kind, and no one will ever come from Paris, Berlin, Brussels to convince me that the Fornero law is fine. "

And exactly "someone" who will have to face the government today. As he explained courierIndeed, there are inspectors in Rome International Monetary Fund, which is critical to the growth estimates contained in Def. The visit is foreseen under IV. Article, a meeting with Giovanni Tria is scheduled for Wednesday or a day when the Executive Director will respond to Brussels.

So the dialogue, yes, without changing the "basics of maneuver". Translated: the expected deficit will remain at 2.4%, but the Ministry of Economy could assess the growth estimate. Optimized 1.5% could be reduced, explains courier, to a more realistic 1.3%. Simply? It's hard to say now. Of course, Tria will try to tell the inspectors IMF that restrictive maneuvers are not helpful to the Belk.

In the meantime, there are some appealing messages coming from Brussels. "There are rules to be respected," said Juncker, as reported by Ansa – in particular from Italy, which has benefited in recent years from all the elements of flexibility that we have added to economic readiness in the Stability Pact. " flexibility in the opinion of the President of the Commission, "Italy could spend 30 billion more" than was expected.

If an agreement can not be found, the EU International Monetary Fund inspectors could come to the infringement procedure. "Miss Derrick and Miss Lieutenant Colonel and then we are all, "replied Salvini, the way to the negotiations is still long.

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