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Jeep Renegade and optional Compass tribute November

Throughout the month of October, Jeep he suggested interesting business initiatives, thanks Adventure Days on some of their vehicles.

The American brand of cars decided to return in November and further improve the proposed offer, which was a new month last month compass available at an initial price 24,900 euros and the last restyling Renegade from 18,900 euros.

Jeep Renegade and optional Compass tribute November

Jeep: The Compass and Renegadi Adventure days are back in November

For the whole month of November, customers who choose to buy two SUVs are just mentioned, Jeep will use all options in a completely free way. It is important to emphasize this promotion can only be used for vehicles that are ready for delivery at Italian sales outlets of the American car brand.

An interesting promotion related to options is added to the one from Adventure Days the previous month, who sees then Jeep Compass from 24,900 euros and the new Renegade from 18,900 euros. Also available Smart financing which allows you to enjoy guaranteed future value from Jeep, in addition to receiving a higher discount on the price of the list.

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