Here are the voices of international critics •


Just two days from the exit Pokop Let's Go Pikachu! and Eve!, the first reviews of the new Game Freak title for the Nintendo Switch start to rotate with an ether, which emphasizes how the game has more than a few merits, as we have already told in our review.

Both Pokmon's Goes currently enjoy an average of 82 on Metacritic, a symptom that the title has enjoyed international professional publications. A large number of reviews agree that the game is rewarded with a vote of 80 out of 100, even if the votes are no greater than 85 with well over two 90.


Here are the detailed voices of some international newspapers taken with the Metacritic site:

Do you agree with these votes? Believe that the flight of Let's Go to Pikachu! and Eve! you earn an average of 82 metacritics?

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