“He started with me.” Open mouth judge


Surprise too The voice Age. On Friday evening the performance of Julio Todrani, Who revealed that he was the father of one Italian star. The man, 77, presented himself as Competitor In Gift show For over 60 caused by Antonella Clerici. With his voice he conquered the judge turned from behind by the Blind additions. When they hit the button to catch him as a team, Gigi D’Alessio e Al Bano Carrisi They looked at each other and understood everything: “But is he Giorgia’s father?”

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Todrani sang successfully “To love someone” By Michael Bolton and selected by the team of Loredana Bertè. In the video of the presentation he showed the photo with his daughter still small, but viewers only understand that this little girl was Georgia, One of the most beautiful Italian voices ever. The story of the exceptional competitor was around the sites. He dedicated his life to music and in 1974 with Angela Cracchiolo Said the duo off Julie & Julie.

Talked about daughter explained: «I made her a big apprenticeship, she started with me in 16 with the duo Juli & Julie we had the evenings, she had the choirs, she started from scratch, but she was so in 16». “Now he is no longer Giorgia’s father, but he is Giulio Todrani,” said the presenter.

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