Franco Battiato reappears in social media: health has returned?


A table, a glass of white wine, some bread and two men sitting on the side. One is a copywriter in Katana Luca Madonia. Second Franco Battiato. Who appears in social media after months of anxiety and care for his health, in a clip posted on Facebook by former guitarist Denova.

Fear and return

From late July until the beginning of August, the long absence from the box and the post-social friend Battiat Roberto Ferri warned the fans of the Catania master. In particular, a poem and a comment that is later removed (He goes to a friend who was and does not recognize me anymore) has sparked a mystery about the true psychophysical situation of the artist. He asked the family to explain that Battiato became fragile in the body with pelvic and fractures, but no one ever diagnosed Alzheimer's or senile dementia. Two days ago, the website wrote to the author White flag in Medicinal product, after a difficult year, he slowly remembers: he returned to the conversation and continued painting in his villa in Milo. Now, a photo of Madonna, her sweet look at her friend Franz. And fans who do not waste time: Welcome back Master.

7 November 2018 (amendment 7 November 2018 | 17:30)


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