Ferrara dead woman suffering from swine flu


A 62-year-old woman, positive for the H1 N1 influenza virus, died the morning of the anesthesia and reanimation section of the Santa's Anna Hospital in Ferrara. The sixty-two were admitted to the cona three days ago due to acute respiratory failure. "The woman – the University Hospital Company – has been a critical, obstructive patient with serious comorabilia," or is "affected by multiple diseases" at the same time. Death was reported by the Medical Department to the Public Health Department of Ferrara.

What is the flu 1 N 1 flu

Influenza A1N1 is an acute viral infection of the respiratory system with symptoms very similar to those of classical influenza. But for the, however, serious complications, such as pneumonia. The first cases of the new human influenza virus A 1 N 1 are linked to close contacts between pigs and humans; The new A 1 N 1 virus, also called H 1 N 1 V (V stands for variant), is in fact a virus derived from swine. "In person – explains the Ministry of Health – infections of swine dirty viruses have occasionally been found since the 50's, always associated with exposure and close contacts (1-2 meters) with pigs, but the new one The N1 virus has now been adapted to humans and has become transmissible from person to person.

As the A / H1N1 flu was contracted

Contrary to what some people think the influenza A / H1 N1 virus does not shrink, however, come into contact with pigs, but in the same way it takes seasonal flu. The disease is actually sprayed from person to person through the droplets contained in the cough or cough of an infected individual. The pathology, however, also contracts incorrectly, when the drops or other nasal or oral lesions are deposited on the hands or on other surfaces that come into contact with the mouth or nose of other people.

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