Emanuele Bertelli is the third person to be excluded from this edition


Third live broadcast X-Factor, which leads him Alessandro Cattelan [VIDEO], has come to an end. Tonight, one in ten remaining competitors had to leave the program permanently.

Judges arranged their artists, but as usual, there was room for guests and their phenomenal performances; among them was Fedez's plant [VIDEO], which she performed for the first time with the new single from the title First of all. Space also in international music, with the dance duo of New York City, Sofi Tukker, who presented his new album entitled X-Factor on his X-Factor Treehouse.

These are just some of the expectations, know all the details about the third episode of the live, read the story below.

The third presentation of X-Factor begins

21.16 – the third live presentation of the X-Factor starts with the Fedez performance, which sings its new single First of all.

21.20 – Alessandro Cattelan enters the studio and presents four judges along with ten competitors.

21.23 – The video is broadcast if the judges comment on the tasks of their colleagues.

21.26 – start the first start, here's the order of success:

  • Naomi;
  • Bowland;
  • Luna;
  • Emanuele Bertelli;
  • Sherol Dos Santos.

21.29 – first is Naomi, which belongs to the category of groups. He performs with him Think about it Aretha Franklin.

21.38 – on the stage tonight's first band, Bowland, performing with the work of Hope No reason.

The group of Persian origin is performing for the first time on stage X-Factor, in Italian.

21.53 – now the first competitor in the category under women came; The Moon performs Blue jeans Lana Del Reya.

22.03 – on the stage comes the debut, for this evening, under men, with Emanuele Bertelli. For him, Post Malone is addressed Congratulations.

22.12 – the first round ends with the performance of Sherol Dos Santos, with which he will perform Voice of silence Mina.

22.20 – after the first heat, international guests of this episode of X-Factor are increasing. These are Tukker Sophies who do business with their hits Poor shit.

22.29 – Emanuele Bertelli is the first competitor to finish the drain.

22.30 – from this moment on in the second run begins, here is the order of success:

  • Leo Gassmann;
  • Seveso Casino Palce;
  • RenzaCastelli;
  • Martina Attili;
  • Anastasio.

22.32 – opens the second part of Lea Gassmann, and he expects a piece of James Bay bay will come out of the bay Hold the river.

22.40 – the race continues with the second group in the X-Factor race, but of course, the Seveso Casino, which runs from Ah.

22.53 – The second version is for Renzo Castelli, the singer of the Over group. For her, a part of Luigi Tenco is addressed I fell in love for you.

23.01 – We continue with Martina Attila, a female competitor Material Girl Madone.

23.08 – the second heat ends with Anastasio; he was assigned a piece of Rin Gaetan's title My brother is the only child.

23.23 – Casino Seveso Casino will compete with a ballot with Emanuele Bertelli. The first one to do it is the latter Place Khalid.

23.26 – Now it's at the Seveso Casino Palace with which they play Rich forever Sfera Ebbasta.

23.37 – the judges decided by draw, Casino Casino Seveso and Emanuele Bertelli voted against each other (Mara Maionchi and Fedez, the other by Lodo Guenzi and Manuel Agnelli). That's why we have to resort to Tilt and television transmission from home. The audience has 200 seconds to choose their favorite artist.

23.42 – Telesis is solved by Seveso Casino Palace, Emanuele Bertelli is the third eliminated this season.

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