Corinna and Schumi: privacy, children, sold villas and abandoned aircraft


Sspecificity regarding confidentiality. These are two elements that have circled around the Schumacher family for almost five years, that is, from a disaster of 29 December 2013, which dramatically changed the life of the most popular and successful driver of all time. On the one hand, Micin's wife Corinna decided to be silent; on the other hand, those who are constantly trying to spread false or partially true news. Just as the German magazine published Bunte who talks about Corinna's writing to musician Saša Herchenbach, the author of the song dedicated to the German champion: "Michael is a fighter and will not give up in this difficult moment, thank you for his gift and his closeness".

Personal choices

It is a pity that the letter was delivered a few years ago and that this is a kind of standard response sent to many Schumi fans who send messages of solidarity. Gesture of gratitude and not exclusive revelation, as explained by Sabine Kehm, who as Michael's director turned into a friend and mentor of the Schumacher family. Corinna is silent, she has always done it, although she has revolutionized her existence and role. From a woman who lives in the shadow of an absolute star to a loving and credible family leader. Brave and entrepreneurial, when she began to settle in a Gland villa, not far from Geneva, a fully equipped (and expensive) clinic to help her husband at home, sell some superfluous goods (private jets, villas in Norway, Maribel House, France); to accompany both children.

Equestrian centers

Mick, born on March 22, 1999, fascinated by his father's cards, with a typical and absolute penalty, the new European champion F3, follows Sabine and old friend of Schumi, Peter Kaiser, while Gina Maria, born February 21, 97 made a very tight pair with Mom and was devoted to driving. This is the true passion of Corinne, for which she found and developed two excellent riding centers in Givrins in Switzerland and in Gordonville, Texas. Specificity: Reining. Generally, the evolution of the cowboy, which requires skill and power, is typical. Full discipline for Gino Maria, winner of the World Title. Also, because the one who has assumed the character of her father is more than a brother who sometimes manifests the sweet glory of his mother.

Fake scoop

Sweet, Corinna. Not only that. Fighting. Against suddenly fateful fates, against those who try in every way, even using unrestrained races on Gland's residence, attack the privacy of the former champion. His behavior by accident was at first surprisingly aroused by the admiration of that small group of friends accompanying this painful journey. Among them were Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Stefano Domenicali, Luca Badoer, Jean Alesi, life followers, subscribers of the implicit pact: no words, dissatisfaction with the condition of a wounded friend. Unlike those who try to change the old thanks in a sudden revelation. After all, they are false coverings full of Schumacher's life, because unfortunately our family, like ours, did not destroy authentic and really good news.

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