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The recipe on the recipe is revived. The M5 rapporteur withdraws the temporary withdrawal change in the Chamber, then repeats the same, except for the title. Independence with the League remains. The interference of Minister Bonaféd is not enough. Salvini and Di Maio will be needed to prevent decay. Conte must intervene: "To be in a government contract, we will preserve this point," says Algiers.

In the meantime, the government entrusts the Senate with a security decree to avoid a surprise vote in the vote after the majority has been dissolved over the limitation period. Today, the meeting of the Lega and M5 groups. We still distinguish between 5stelle and we do not agree with the text. For Di Maio, however, "the reform must be approved in the anti-corruption law, with no extracts, we will find an agreement with the League," he said. Salvini warns: "A sensitive issue that should not be dealt with by amending the amendments." The final decision will be taken until tomorrow, on the willingness to raise the question of confidence in the Security Order, prepare the government to have a double opinion on its forces in the Senate. The first and only time that the Palazzo Madame voted for confidence was on June 6. This day was marked by birth the government is yellow-green: the majority could take advantage of 171 votes, 10 over the threshold: 58 leagues, 109 pentastellates of senators, for a total of 167 votes to which were added two other M5S Buccarella and Martelli from the movement and two elected overseas Maia. If the government retains the will to raise the issue of trust, the majority will probably greatly ease the obstacle: the patrol of 4 "Orthodox" senators, who in this case coincide with those who oppose the decree, would not actually They participate in the vote. With this conclusion that they will emerge from the semi-circular hall, Matteo Mantero, Elena Fattori, Gregorio De Falco and Paola Nugnes will emphasize their disagreement with the provision against which they have finally fought with the footage of the amendments. But they will avoid sanctions, but not break with the government. The numbers then drop to 167, but six senators are above the minimum threshold of most of the classroom.


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