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Carola Rackete, a prosecution's appeal to Aggrigento against the announcement: "False and contradictory conclusion"


The Release Of Carola rocket There is a "contradictory conclusion, False And not motivated enough, ”the prosecutor wrote Luigi Patronaggio And PM from Procura from Agrigento Appeal in the Cassation against the failure of validate the arrest of the captain of the ship Sea watch 3, Decided by the investigating judge Alessandra Vella. According to the prosecutors, the Judge in his order of July 2 "should have checked the duty Save He invoked could have exonerating effectiveness, "he reports AdnCronos.

According to the prosecutor, the investigating magistrate has only explained the court's claim that Legolo Carola Raqueta has acted for the duty to save. Migrants. The setup available to the GIP Trivialization The legal interests involved in the affair and the simplistic evaluation offered by the judge cannot be shared ”. The announcement, also written by the prosecutors, was wrong because of the type of control he needed to perform during the evaluation of Lawfulness Arrest in flagrante delicto by the judicial police ".

"In the case of Resistance Operated by Carola Rackete – The prosecutor continues – it is doubtful that the fulfillment of the migration duty of migrants could reach the limit of June 29. The judges also say they are "aware of this." Complexity Of the questions raised ", but emphasize that" the order of non-validation of the arrest of the investigating judge was found to be unfair Violation Law, lack of and contradictory motivation, since after completing complex legal assessments, it has not properly assessed the elements of fact and law regarding the reasonableness of the reason for the reason, and it did not adequately justify the reasons for which Apply it in this case.

Carola rocket was Arrested June 29, after entering Italian waters by forcing the blockade and docking Lampedusa With the ship of the German NGO in the closet they still have 42 Migrants Help in Libyan waters. The interrogator of AgriGento has not validated the command of the commandant and has not ordered PrecautionUnlike what the prosecutor's office asked for, according to the lawyer Alessandra Wella, the crime of resistance to Warsaw would not exist since the financa boat was patrolled by the NGO boat would not be a warship. The Resistance to a public officialBecause the suspect would have acted Fulfill an obligation. About the decision to turn the ship to Lampedusa – the judge added – this is not instrumental, but Obliged Like the ports of Libya And those Tunisia They are not counted as secure.


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