CALL AND HOW TO STORE 2018, TOURNAMENT / Direct and ranking: Federico Angelucci wins Lizo Minelli (November 9th)



After twelve "wonderful" performances a Such and such a performance, Carlo Conti announces matches and ranking. But first, Luca Argentero, called for the promotion of his film. Definitely, the studio finally announces the ranking. Points are usually rewarded "among classmates". Giorgio Panariello suggests a little confusion. In the end, much of the other judgments do not differ. The final classification is as follows: from below Valeria Altobelli (Gigliola Cinquetti), Alessia Macari (Sabrina Salerno), Giovanni Vernia (Bruno Mars), Vladimir Luxuria (Caparezza), Massimo Di Cataldo (Riccardo Fogli), Alessandra Drusian (Loretta Goggi), Roberto Bonanno (Gloria Gaynor), Filippo Bisciglia (Rino Gaetano), Annalisa Minetti (Pink), Andrea Agresti (Roby Facchinetti), Antonio Mezzancella (Tiziano Ferro), Federico Angelucci (Liza Minelli). Pody deserved; for all three. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Alessia Macari does not speak well with Italian. But this is very nice: it will be emotion, the same emotion that disappears when you "conceal" Sabrina Salerno. "I never heard how she sings live," says Loretta in Salern. The public is a controversy: "No, I just say that it never happened to me, for me personally." We're coming towards the end. The following season, announced by Carlo Conti, are as follows: Filippo Bisciglia is Michele Zarrillo; Roberta Bonanno, Ivana Spain; Andrea Agresti, Paul Anka; Alessandra Drusian, Antonella Ruggiero; Annalisa Minetti, Alice; Massimo Di Cataldo, Paolo Vallesi; Federico Angelucci, Robbie Williams; Vladimir Luxuria, Boy George; Valeria Altobelli, Elisa; Giovanni Vernia, Jim Carrey; Antonio Mezzancella, Mika; Alessia Macari, Shakira. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


According to Patti Smith, Vladimir Luxuria plays Caparezzo. Rolf Molfetta is not his ideal character: the look and expression of the face are no less similar, but the voice is not there. Or at least: the experiment was felt, but the background of the stamps remained normal. Gigliola Cinquetti was one of the great protagonists Such and such a performance (in one of the last editions). Loretta Goggi: "Several adenas used, used and daring more". Luca Argentero particularly appreciates: "It is difficult to recreate the love of the nineteenth year". La Cinquetti, in '66, was not even twenty or twenty years old. In fact, Altobelli is a bit too high. But that's still good: "You sang well, but the voice was not in Cinquety," says Vincenzo Salemme. Even Bruno Mars Giovanni Vernia does not go very well: the voice, even here, is not there. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Federico Angelucci is named for the interpretation of Liza Minelli. For transformers like him, he's a breeze. "You would be doing inca Gandana," says Matteo coach. There are some misunderstandings among them (also in terms of pronunciation). "Why not do it in Arabic?", Commented sarcastically. However, Conti discusses a serious matter: solidarity. Vera invites all to give: "We must not feel like good people," comments. The number is 45521, and all collected funds are transferred to Airc. Finally, the performance: his Lisa (singing New York New York) is very good, even if time goes by. Luca Argentero talks a little about himself: "It's a theater performance." Federico is really good: "Give him a reason, always dressed like this … but you have a woman's voice or at least contralto." [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Loretta Goggi moves by listening to a drummer. And listen to yourself: "I have a voice with no special features, so it's difficult for me to imitate. In the early days I did not want to sing, because I also had the voice" Italian. "I cried tonight: the song of my Gianni [Brezza, N.d.R.]"Let's go to the premier Annalise Minetti (Pink)." Many thanks to everyone: "You gave me the chance to try." Implicitly: despite initial difficulties, Carlo Conti remembers that he is alive, live Loretta Goggi: "That was the number, not the imitation. "Salemme:" The face is the same. From Ivan Graziani, incomprehensible, it's … incredible. "The public also appreciates: everyone is standing behind her. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


"It's from the summer of '78: I was there. No, if it's standing ovation, they may have been dancing." Roberta Bonanno, dressed as Gloria Gaynor, flirts with Luca Argentero. The fourth Judge Tale and who shows all the "beautiful" judges. "I can say the same thing about you". The jury is hard to find shortcomings. "Res, Chapeau, Loretta Goggi compliments." Andrea Agresti is calling Facchinetti (Roby) .In the end, "Pooh" makes him a surprise and comes to the studio with a general surprise: "You were very good, and if you say so, you must believe" The Inclusive Judgment on Clothing: "I've never seen you so dressed," Panariello comments to Roby. "Looks like you ran away from home!" The person concerned does not care: "They are particularly interested in intonation; aesthetics is not important ". [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Luca Argentero, a Such and such a performance, sitting in the city of Vincenzo Salemme. "And why?", Opposes this. Panariello, a former classmate, explains well: "Because they are pretty beautiful". And Salemme: "I remind you that two identical poles are destroyed". George Michael Fabrizio Angelucci greets ovation. Carlo Conti sums up the ranking. Filippo Bisciglia should imitate Rina Gaetana, but looks more like Franco Califano. The teacher teaches him how to do it: "Gaetano is Vasco, who scans," he explains. It does not work very badly. Maybe too much "b" rubbers, otherwise it is very good. "Extraordinary departure", Conti stresses. Loretta: "It was very exciting and it was not easy. The studio has a southern curved air." It was difficult to measure low notes with "rough" cutouts and some problems were noticed. Panariello jokes: "To see that you came, I changed for the one on Friday 13 … the one with a saw, Leatherface." [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


In the last episode Such and such an exhibition 2018, Roberta Bonanno found himself in the arduous imitation of Amy Winehouse. The challenge (especially for himself) earned the first place in the rankings. Following is Antonio Mezzancella, the champion of this edition, who does not win, but is convinced in the role of Fabrizio Moro. Third place for Andrea Agresti: "toscanaccio" is tested using the role of Francesco Sarcina (Le Vibrazioni). The memory of George Michael returns to everyone: Federico Angelucci can do it. Fifth place for Patti Smith from Vladimir Luxuria. Then they were reunited with Massimo Di Cataldo, Bobby Solo Spring, and Annalisa Minetti, who fit together with Ivan Graziani. Discrete Filippo Bisciglia aka Zucchero. Do not miss somebody? Ah, yes: Alessandra Drusian. Champion Such and such loses a few points, ranking ninth with his Joey Tempest. Not good for Giovanni Vernia: Enzo Jannacci is by definition "invincible". Alessia Macari (Marcella Bella) and Valeria Altobelli (Dionne Warwick) close by. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


This evening, Luca Argentero will join the jury consisting of Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme for this new episode of the Tale and the Quale Show 2018. At RaiUno, starting at 21.25, they will see in good races that can not be as is obvious, as it seems. If the first episode of the tournament was seen by Robert Bonanno, she won thanks to the imitation of Amy Winehouse, followed by Antonio Mezzancella and Andrea Agresti. Tonight the jury could hit someone else. In particular, the audience would be Filippo Bisciglia and Alessia Macari. The conductor will have to play the role of Rin Gaetan, while Alessia Macari will be Sabrina Salerno. Two heavy performances, but certainly in their rope, which can provide them with a win or, in any case, a step-up in this new episode. (Modernization of Anne Montesano)


Tale e Quale Show 2018 he goes on and does it with a new tournament episode. Tonight, at RaiUno, Carlo Conti returns to start the race, which also sees the special judge, Luca Argentero. Among the most complex imitations in the evening will be Liza Minelli, Federica Angelucci, who will re-dress women's clothing (and voice). But, remembering your great Mine, you could also surprise all this time and ensure victory. However, he will have to see Roberto Bonanno, who will play tonight Gloria Gaynor. Considering that in the past he had already won big American voices such as Aretha Franklin, Bonanno could have been another candidate to win the second episode of the Tale and Which Show 2018 tournament. Will one of them win two? (Modernization of Anne Montesano)


Waiting for the second episode of the Tale and the Quale Show 2018, new rumors appear with Carlo Conti as their protagonist. Week Chi in his release on newsgroups announces the actual possible suspension of Conti to Rai, which definitely contributes to Mediaset. Indiscretion, which has been for some time but never been confirmed. Even in this case, because in order to challenge the news, we thought about Tv Blog, which in the preview reveals that not only the conductor Tale and Which Show has no intention of wanting to leave Rai 1, but soon it will be occupied even with another program. La Corrida will actually be launched soon and Carlo Conti will act as it did last year. In short, the conductor remains in Rai. We just have to wait for the new episode of Tale and Kaj Show. (Modernization of Anne Montesano)

Federico Angelucci is ready for the match

Carlo Conti is ready to win the best time on Friday night when the return of the champions is climbing Tale e Quale Show 2018. There are many artists who will go on stage and there are many faces that are known to have won points and voices in the last editions by the judges. Carlo Contolis will face Luco Argentero tonight against Paolo Bonolis, as the fourth referee and one of the favorites Federico Angelucci will have the task to do his best when he takes the role of Liza Minelli. Only recently he was thinking in social networks about posting a photo in which it is elegant, which is reflected seriously and focused, waiting to find out how its implementation will be tonight. In particular, Amici wrote: "Good morning everyone! See you tonight at @ rai1official at # 21.25 at #taleequaleshow with @carlocontirai I will try to interpret charisma #lizaminnelli @officiallizaminnelli .. we are waiting for you … ". Click here to view the photo. Of course, Angelucci is one of the most anticipated and complex performances of the program and episode, will it allow it to win? (Hedda Hopper)


After the great success of the first episode of the tournament, which glitters 4.241.000 spectators, equal to 20.8%, on TV screens, Tale e Quale Show 2018 which was held today, November 9, with the second round of the tournament with the best competitors in the edition, won by Antonio Mezzancella, and the best from the latest edition. At the head of Raiuno Friday night show, as usual, will be Carlo Conti that tonight he would have to compete with the Paolo Bonolis competition to lead the first episode of the new edition of Scherzi on Channel 5. Twelve protagonists of the tournament Tale e Quale Show 2018 they are ready to give the public Raiuno new feelings. Over the course of the week, competitors tested evening performances. Here's what twelve VIPs will try with their hand. Andrea Agresti will be transformed into Roby Facchinetti, Valeria Altobelli will be Gigliola Cinquetti, Federico Angelucci will become Liza Minnelli, Filippo Bisciglia will meet the memory of Rino Gaetano, Roberto Bonanno will play Gloria Gaynor, Massimo Di Cataldo will test with Riccardo Fogli, Alessandra Drusian will be Loretta Goggi, Vladimir Luxuria will perform Caparizza and Alessia Macari at Sabrina Salerno, Antonio Mezzancella will have to transform into Tiziano Ferro, Annalisa Minetti will be Pink, while Giovanni Vernia will be Bruno Mars.


The first episode of the Tale e Quale Show 2018 was won by Robert Bonanno, who convinced the jury and her interlocutors to give her five points for her extraordinary interpretation of Amy Winehouse. On the podium are Antonio Mezzancella and Andrea Agresti. The way to the finals on November 23 is still long and everything can change. Tonight, at the end of twelve performances, judges have to prepare their scores, to which will be added five voices that each competitor has available for themselves or for the partner.


Just like every week, the performance of competitors will also be judged by the jury composing it Loretta Goggi who after the imitation of the king is considered the most suitable person who rejects or encourages an exhibition. On his side there are two new judges, who won with their irony the public Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme. Even this evening will be the fourth referee or Luca Argentero which will surprise you all evening.

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