Brandi (Firmo): Prevention has a key role in osteoporosis

Rome, (askanews) – To improve our health, one of the watchwords is prevention. It also applies to osteoporosis, a disease that affects millions of people in Italy and costs about 9 billion per year. On the occasion of the presentation of the European campaign for protein and bone health, promoted by aggression and good health, Askanews has heard Maria Luisa Brandi (president of Firmo, Italian Foundation for Bone disease research).

"Osteoporosis affects about 4 million people in Italy, about a million people and a few more than 3 million women.

In fact, what we have established in the field is the consequence of osteoporosis, which is often subjected to diagnosis. In our country there are about 560,000 fracture fractures and mainly care about spine, females, pelvis, humerus and forearm; An really exorbitant number that costs us about 9 billion euros a year between direct and indirect expenses. "

In order to better cope with a pathology, explains Brandi, it is necessary to identify the major risk factors. "A very important factor is age, because we have the same bone mineral density, which is the instrument that we define an osteoporotic patient or not. In fact, we know that the older we are, the more we break even if we have The same mock of a fifty, at 80 we will break more.In another important factor is the familiarity: we inherited our parents the quality of our bone and then if we inherit a bone that is architecturally less advantageous Elbow breaks Another important factor is fracture rupture, so it is very important to convince the patient who has a minor trauma wreck because this is a time when we can intervene with the prevention that we call secondary.And there are many drugs that osteoporosis we can Remember the corticosteroids, without a doubt the most known, but also all the pharmacy the anti-hormone agents we use in breast cancer and prostate cancer. "

In this context, prevention is fundamental to the health of our skeletal system as confirmed by Brandy. "In the meantime, we can prevent osteoporosis and we must do it in our lives by primary prevention, which consists of a lifestyle that presents an introduction of calcium, as recommended, about a rhyme of calcium to the day with food or supplemented if We can not present it with food, enough amount of vitamin D and regular physical activity.This is the primary prevention. But if the patient has had a break, secondary prevention is important, using drugs can prevent The second fracture between 30% and 70% of the fetal age of the elderly is the most prevalent chronic disease, but, however, less than 20% of patients have been fractured. "

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