Big Brother Vip, who approaches Sali and Benedetti, Elia talks about Jane: "A Special Person"


New meeting with news on Big Brother Vip, reality shows Ilary Blasi [VIDEO] and Alfonso Signorini. The latest news is worrying Stefano Sala in Elia Fongaro. If the first one is left Benedetta Mazza At night the model intervened in today's episode on Sunday Live, where he declared his affectionate relationship with Jane Alexander.

Gf Vip: Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza kissed

Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza [VIDEO] they come back to discuss rumors about their possible romance. In detail, the young protagonists were quite busy night.

According to different users, Benedetta and Stefano would exchange some kisses under the headgear. The behavior that caused the nose to be a few people is convinced that this is not a nice move to Dasha Dereviankin.

Many fans of the program hope that Sala and Mazza will be able to take their view undoubtedly attractive. Yesterday, Stefano Sala preferred to fall asleep, but did not have fun with his adventurous colleagues when Benedetta went to suite to survive the Cuban evening with Lory Del Santo, Martina Hamdy and Ivan Cattaneo. The attitude Walter Nudo did not notice, who exclaimed: "Have you seen? Benedetta is not and she is asleep! "

Elia Fongaro talks about Jane on Sunday Live

If Stefano and Benedetta changed the different strands in bed, Elia Fongaro was one of the protagonists of today's episode Sunday Live. The Vicenza model was interviewed by Barbara D & # 39; Urso and bombarded the questions of Riccardo Signoreti, editor of the weekly Nuovo.

In this regard, Elia proved to be very sorry Gianmarco, boy Jane Alexander, who acted like a big gentleman. He also asked for the greatest judgment for his son Damian, so he wanted to wait for the exit of Jane from the red door.

During the interview, Fongara explained his romantic story by answering questions raised by a housewife. The model has specified that Do not be in love English actresses, but to know avery very special person. Finally, he said that I look forward to the public dismissal of Jane, who denied some rumors that he had already wanted him with another woman. I wonder if the authors of Jane will present Elia interview during the new Big Brother Vip episode that will be broadcast next Monday.

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