Right-wing Israeli legislator gets rid of wheelchairs as "half of man" – The Forward


JERUSALEM (JTA) – Legislator of the party Likud Oren Hazan is on fire when he called a disabled fellow member of the "half of the man" during a debate in Knesset.

Ilan Gilon of the Liberal opposition party Meretz criticized Culture Minister Miri Regev in the hot debate on Monday on a law that would keep state funding for cultural organizations showing an insufficient "loyalty" to the country. Hazan jumped to the defense of Regev, and the legislators exchanged the words.

When Gilon called Hazan "Golem in Prague" – an anthropomorphic creature from clay and days of life – Hazan threatened an invalid who said: "If you were not half man, I would have responded to you."

Gilon had a child as a child and often uses a wheelchair.

Hazan later apologized to not take the haste due to disability.

"My remarks concerned his barbaric behavior, and nothing else. If my statements were otherwise understood, this was not my intention. Please accept my apology," Hazan said.

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