Banksy's New Piece encourages travel to Palestine



The London World Tourism Market, which was held from 5 to 7 November, ended today. Which means it was your last chance to check out Banksy's latest artwork. In an Instagram post, the artist encouraged his fans to come.

"We will open free items at the Palestinian stand, the World Travel Fair, the London Excel Center on November 6 and November 7. Come in for free if you sign up online today and pretend to be a travel agent."

In the global travel market, travel industry experts usually take part, so it is not possible to find a common search for world-renowned artists. Banksy offered some free diving and unveiled the latest artwork – a replica replica replica – which refers to Banksy's links to the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.

The artistic section contains two keroses, which are intended for the marking of Israel and Palestine and use a graphite replica of the dividing wall for its canvas. If there are recent Banksy cascades of any indication, it will probably be worth millions. The latest work has all the features of the classic Banksy – dark, witty and multi-layered. We call attention to the conflict, without the viewer encountering sentimentality over his head.

There's a lot of history here. The submerged wall between the West Bank and Israel was a canvas for some of the most artistic works.

Banksy still works with Hotel Walled Off, a real hotel property that is currently accepting bookings that he has funded and partially designed. The property is only a few steps away from the wall dividing Israel from the Palestinian West Bank. Every Walled Off window (a game in the face-in-face of Waldorf, a classic Banksy wit) faces a separation barrier. But despite her gloomy vision, she managed to attract tourists to Palestine. The hotel is also home to the museum, graphite gift shops and the largest art gallery in Palestine.

The point is that Banksy has long supported the Palestinian journey, and he knows that the West Bank's capture with tourist dollars is an easy way to help. It seems to him to be too happy to lean on his own glory. Despite being one of the smallest at the event, the Palestinian stand in the global travel market of hundreds of people waiting in line to grab the artist or his work. This is an obviously intended impact and a great victory for all who hope to support people living in the Palestinian territories.

To stay at The Walled Off, expect from a hotel from $ 60 a night to $ 965 per night, with spaces planned and decorated by Banksy, Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin.

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