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The future of food is printed out as you read this. Eating real meat, as people have done for centuries, has been rendered a bit too late. Eat meat, or simulations of meat, is the new wave. From the Impossible Existence of the Impossible Burger to the now unmatched existence of 3D-printed Vegan meat, the future is now, and it is printed for you by the Israel Jet Jet company.

According to NoCamels, Jet Eat was founded by Eshchar Ben Shitrit, a former meat-eater committed to using his knowledge of 3D printing to create sustainable, vegan-friendly foods. Jet Eat has five employees, funding from angel investors, is based on Nancy Ziona, Israel, and is currently using delicious testers in Israel's Teaching Technology to ensure that the taste is printed along with protein and color.

Jet Eat's release is scheduled to come out by 2020, but will actually be eating it? asked Vegans, including almost-vegetarian Morton Bast, whether they will be involved. "10,000 points to the first survivor are enough to come out and clarify a stance on the theological implications of printed meat," she said, adding, "It's exhausting and awesome to watch a concept as futuristic as printed meat come in contact with A concept as old as religious tradition. "

In the latest Artificial Est, Jet Eat has some competitors, and the race to create a table-ready, 3D printing has just begun. Barcelona based company Nova Meat, fraced by researcher Josef Scionty, is hard at work trying to achieve the same impossible goal of 3D printing a Vegan burger. An affiliate to the United States Department of Agriculture states that "with reduced cost, it can achieve the masses with religious restrictions on meat consumption (men limited to hindu, kosher, halal diets) and ultimately have limited access to certain meat production. "

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