upgraded phone, above average price, super camera


We are spoiled for choosing when it comes to smartphones Android. Google threw the second into a mix with Pixel 3 XL, the upgraded version of Google's smartphone. It also seems to be the first of the Pixel phones officially sold in Ireland.

But Pixel 3 XL comes with an above-average price that follows the trend that the latest electronic devices charge the equivalent of a large portion of the mortgage payment for the device, which will be replaced with the new model in one year.

So it's worth it? Aesthetically speaking, Pixel 3 looks very similar from the front to most standard smartphones: flat rectangle. If you are a fan of larger phones, you're lucky: Google Pixel 3 XL is similar to iPhone Xs Max size. There is a glass back panel with two-tone effect and a choice of three colors – black, white and yellow. At this point, although I quite forgot what it looks like, because it was envisaged that in the event I got it. I'm not ready to test the power of this glass back.

If we are talking about a back, there is a fingerprint reader, located where the finger can actually reach naturally. But one thing that is missing? Headphone jack. Pixel 3 XL pulled out a 3.5 mm jack that forced us to use bluetooth headphones or USB-C connections.

Really mild

The QHD + OLED display is 6.3 inches, making the snippet smaller than the iPhone Xs Max. But this is very close, and it's unlikely that you will miss this small piece of the screen. What you will notice is the box at the bottom of the screen. Where the iPhone Xs Max screen goes almost to the edge of the case, the Pixel XL 3 has a visible frame at the bottom. It means less display essentially similar to a large package. This is to install one of the dual-speaker phones in the lower frame. At the top of the screen, you'll see that the notch came in Google's design. Like Apple and Huawei, the Pixel 3 XL unwittingly creates its cut-out, giving space for its dual front camera.

About the Pixel 3 XL is great. While it can not compete with Huawei's Mate 20 Pro in terms of low light shooting, the rear 12 megapixel camera is well placed in most shooting conditions. Preset modes are easily accessible – the panoramic and portrait mode is on the main camera screen along with the video option – with accessories such as slow motion video clips, 360 photo functions and AR mode, which allows you to get everything from Iron Man and Old World War for puppies and walking food in your frame to take pictures. The camera will take pictures as soon as the camera detects a smile – or grimace as long as your teeth are teeth.

There is a new Digital Enhancement feature that helps you manage the time of your screen

Both the front cameras – both 8 megapixels in resolution – are covered for self-confidence. The wide-angle lens has a f2.2 aperture, and the telephoto lens has an aperture of f1.8 – more light, better photography and better self-confidence.

On the video page, you can record up to 4K at 30 frames per second in the last picture, but the 1080p clip is excellent quality and stabilizing the video helps to maintain stability. The front-facing camera also moves to 1080p.

There are some interesting features on the phone. There is a new digital prosperity to help you manage the time of your screen and the overall effect of your phone on your life. For example, take Wind Down. If you enable it, it serves as a warning that it's time to drop the device and get ready to bed. Not only do you get an orange-colored screen to prevent blue light, but the color drains out of the screen to support you for bedtime. Turn on does not bother turning off all unnecessary notifications.

You can turn on the phone so you do not disturb it if you switch it on and place it with the front face down. This is a small thing, but it is a reminder that phones are not necessarily a feature of every moment of alertness.

Good The camera is excellent, the battery life is decent, and if your notebook does not bother, the screen is great.

Not so good Without a memory that can be expanded, you will need to do so by choosing 64GB or 128GB. If you take a lot of 4K-videos or high-quality photos and you want to keep them on your phone, you will eat fast enough.

Other Inside the Pixel XL 3 has a Snapdragon 845 chip with 4 GB of RAM. It also has wireless charging and compression gestures – you can simply squeeze the phone to turn on the assistant or silence in your phone. Then it's great for the early morning.

Assessment Google Pixel 3XL indicates the right boxes – if you do not disturb the screen.

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