The whole transcript of Neville, Souness's "hot debate" Man Utd

Gary Neville and Graeme Souness talked about a lengthy debate on Manchester United and Jose Mourinho on Monday night.

The pair was at Sky Sports during their coverage Manchester City won the 3-1 derby on red devils Sunday.

Neville and Souness sparked a lively debate between the idea of ​​coaching staff getting the best out of the current United States crop.

The whole transcript of their discussion is below. Enjoy:

Graeme Souness: A simple question. Each manager who goes to the football club receives a group of players. The question that you must, as a supporter of Manchester United, is to ask if the manager and coaching staff is the best player in Man United. It's simply yes or no. What is it?

Gary Neville: I do not know.

GS: You do not know? Have you watched this football game today, and do you think this is acceptable as a Man United support?

GN: No, I do not think this is acceptable in any way, form, or form.

GS: So I come back to the question again, do you think it is the best player in this group of players?

GN: Graeme, I'll ask you. Who today would put in the middle of the pitch from the players he has to improve this?

GS: No no no. We match the specifics. A simple question: look at the names that are playing for Manchester United. Think of Alexis Sanchez, for example. Does he play anything like Arsenal? The answer is no, big no. Does Marcus Rashford play like him? Is Romelu Lukaku? Does Paul Pogba play as he did? The answer is no, not the best of this group of players.

GN: But Graeme, I watched those players under Louis van Gaal. I saw Anthony Martial and Ander Herrera under Louis Gaal and they were not much better.

GSReturn to my question. It feels like time for questions! Yes or no, do they get the best from this group of players?

GN: I will answer the same again … I do not know. Louis van Gaal I saw with a lot of these players and I did not like what I saw with this. He was a coach, someone to play. My view is that at this moment Manchester United does not seem to be able to proactively win the game. They finished second last season, which was the best achievement of Sir Alex Ferguson. I do not defend Jose Mourinho, but if you are asking me if there could be more leaders than them, then maybe. But maybe not. I do not know whether the players are good enough Graeme, I have no idea.

GS: These players were the best players in other clubs.

GN: Are they?

GS: I thought …

GN: Anthony Martial was not the best player in another club.

GS: I think most people would say that Alexis Sanchez was. It can work better. Lukaku is one.

GN: Lukaku was not the best player in Everton.

GS: I think he showed more on Everton than in United.

GN: He's lost in all of the big games for Everton.

GS: I think he's a real player in Martial.

GN: Me too.

GS: And I think Rashford is better than what he shows.

GN: If you ask me if Ashley Young is playing the best, you could play after that. Is this Chris Smalling that we have seen over the past few years? Yeah. Victor Lindelof plays better than he ever played. David De Gea is not. It's so confusing when looking at Manchester United. What would change? If I went out there tomorrow as a leader, what would have changed?

GS: I would ask players from the middle of the playground to start playing with one or two tapes. You do not want to be an attacker in this team.

GN: Do you think they can play one and two to touch? Ander Herrera and Marouane Fellaini?

GS: I would ask him.

GN: Fellaini can not play one and twice in the middle.

GS: Well, I would not play Fellaini.

GN: Graeme says he has lost faith in Jose Mourinho in Manchester United, and Jose Mourinho has won anywhere. He won 20 titles, just like Pep Guardiola. My point is that David Moyes failed to sort the group, Louis van Gaal could not sort the group and now Jose Mourinho, the most successful manager of the past 15 years with Pep Guardiolo, can not classify the group. I'm not so quick to sit here and say it's a mistake for coaching staff. Structurally there is a problem in the club, which means that it will be difficult for every coach to perform. Can he do better? Of course, you can, but this guy won everywhere he was. I have not lost faith in him yet. It's running out at a difficult moment, but I did not lose faith in Jose Mourinho as a coach

GS: As long as you think it is acceptable that they will play and play in this stadium today.

GN: I do not think it's acceptable, Graeme, to lose any game. I am a fan of Manchester United and I built a fantastic football on them

GS: This is my point. You've gone so far.

GN: I did not like football under Louis Gaal, Graeme. But under David Moyes.

GS: They traveled in the wrong direction in ten years.

GN: I know if this one is guilty? Is the manager error or is this a problem?

GS: No, it's a collective thing. Of course it is, but it makes no sense to turn around and say that they have not invested enough money in the team and it is not good that a group of players can not play better than they can.

David Jones, representative of Sky Sports: It's a small cursor, what life in Sky Sport is when the cameras do not move …

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