Ryan Tubridy accused of ‘using Toy Show children’ to promote Pfizer


Anti-vaccine activists and conspiracy theorists have rounded up RTÉ star Ryan Tubridi by submitting official allegations accusing him of “using children” to promote the Covid 19 vaccine on the latest late-season toy show.

TÉ says its complaints department has received over 140 emails about references to the pandemic in the show, while Broadcasting Authority Ireland (BAI) has confirmed that it has dealt with two complaints about the “noticeable rise in vaccines” and mention of the pesticide vaccine with The claim, the show has broken broadcast rules.

The last late toy show was watched by 1.7 million viewers in 138 countries on November 27, making it one of the most watched TV shows on a single channel.

It is understood that some of the complaints were related to a function in the show in which a child marked the vaccination that will be given this week in the UK.

Much of the criticism has been accelerated by Yellow West Ireland, a group that describes itself as a “people’s movement” and against coronavirus-related vaccines, restrictions and masks.

As one of the best-paid television and radio presenters in the country, Mr. Tubridy has long been a target for social media trolling, but the vitriol has intensified in the last 10 days.

A BAI spokeswoman said he had received two complaints about the toy show and in line with her internal process, the plaintiffs appeared to RTÉ “in the first way to bring their complaints directly to the broadcaster”.

“If the complainants are dissatisfied with the broadcaster’s response, they can then submit their complaints to the BAI,” she added.

A spokeswoman for RTÉ said she had received more than 140 emails from members of the public referring to Covid-19 in the later Scottish show, stating that “the vast majority of these are not treated as formal complaints, but are classified as comments. “.

“Online, the late-night show aired exceeding 500,000 streams live and on-demand over the weekend, in what was a record-breaking weekend on RTÉ Player,” the spokeswoman added.

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