Pioneers of the CBD movement


Kanabidiol (CBD) is an insensitive component of cannabis, which has been shown to reduce attacks, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. Even when we understand the huge medical potential of the CBD, it is still difficult to find among the sea high-THC strains and products that dominate the market.

For this reason, it is important to bow to chemists, breeders and growers who have guided the development of CBD strains and medicines. These are pioneers who have brought something new and different from the world of cannabis.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (Israel)

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was the second chemist in the work of dr. Roger Adams, who isolated compounds in cannabis. Dr. Mechoulam has been researching CBD's potential for preventing attacks in mice and human studies, while at the same time it has begun to understand its chemical structure early in the 1960s.

For many years, the CBD was underrepresented in the medical world until further research was strengthened by the findings of dr. Mechoulama. But the basis developed by these chemists was an important scientific basis on which other pioneers of the CBD could build.

Dr. Geoffrey Guy (United Kingdom)

In 1998, Geoffrey Guy founded GW Pharmaceuticals to research the health benefits of cannabis and produce pharmaceutical medicines from cannabis. He began to cultivate cannabis plants and isolated their specific compounds for use in carefully extracted extracts.

Using the seeds of HortaFarm, a Dutch seed company created by Robert Clarke and David Watson, GW Pharmaceuticals continued to produce the first FDA approved cannabis based medicinal product Epidiolex– CBD extract intended to control pediatric attacks.

Kevin Jowdry (California)

Founder of Wonderland Nursery in Garberville, California, Kevin Jowdry celebrates the growth and spread of CBD genetics throughout the country. In the late 2000s, when Resin Seeds and High-CBD strains appeared Lawrence Ringo (see below), Jowdry was in the epicenter, who tried to stabilize phenotypes and then distributed to farmers who want to produce CBD rich strains.

Resin seeds (Spain)

Pitch Seed is known for the creation of Cannatonic, one of the first cannabis strains that are predominant with CBD. According to the radiation that led the movement in 2008, Cannatonic offered a CBD ratio: THC, ranging from 1: 1 to 18: 1.

From the original Cannatonic factory, phenotypes were selected that created strains such as ACDC, which offer a CBD ratio: THC 20: 1, indicating that hemp is virtually free of THC.

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Lawrence Ringo / SOHUM Seeds (California)

A group of southern seeds of Humboldt seeds (SOHUM) was founded by the late spouse Ringo, who spent her life in Peach and Santa Cruz in California. With the love for the production and exchange of high-quality genetics, Lawrence Ringo came across the CBD as he tested his plants in 2010 and found that the CBD-rich variety, called "Sour Tsunami," was found.

Sour Tsunami followed Harle-Tsu, Canna-Tsu and Swiss tsunami. From that moment on, SOHUM has developed several other high-quality CBD strains, until Lawrence Ringo died in 2014. SOHUM Seeds are still used by the three sons of Ringo, who worked closely with his father until his passage.

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Stanley Brothers (Colorado)

Stanley Brothers in Colorado started around 2008 when he unknowingly diagnosed pancreatic cancer to his uncle and helped him with cannabis, especially CBD. While working on their tincture in 2011, Brothers Stanley introduced Paige Figi and her daughter Charlotte, who suffered from Dravet's syndrome and had 300 seizures per week.

The CBD Oil Stanley Brothers ", better known as Charlotte's Web, significantly reduced her seizure to just a few weeks. Her story appeared on the documentary film CNN on medical cannabis, which in 2013 prompted further public recognition of cannabis.

CBD Crew (Spain)

Collaboration between Jamie from resin seeds and Shantibab (Nice Nice), CBD Crew focused solely on the production of CBD-rich strains from Spain.

In general, CBD strains have different phenotypes, which may vary depending on their expression of THC and CBD levels. CBD Crew attempts to eliminate this guesswork by selecting and testing phenotypes for their CBD / THC composition. With this commitment to consistency, breeders at CBD Crew are transforming what is now available on the market.

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