Online Videos About Prostate Cancer – Pose a Risk to Patients #


Facebook Stock Image: Getty
Facebook Stock Image: Getty

Online Videos Providing Medical Information About Prostate Cancer Pose a potential health hazard to patients, scientists have warned.

Many people turn to the Internet in search of more details about health issues, with youtube a popular destination.

But research has found that 77 pc of the 150 most importantly viewing videos on the site, which relates to the disease contained figurative errors or biased content, or the video or its comments. The study, by the New York University School of Medicine and its parlormal concierge center, said, while three-quarters of videos have been able to fully understand the benefits of some treatments, but only half gave enough detail about the potential harm and side effect.

"Our study shows that people really need to be rich in many YouTube videos on prostate cancer," said Ural Stacey Loeb, who published the findings in 'European Urology'.

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