OnePlus 6T Teardown reveals the camera lens in the optical fingerprint sensor in the display


OnePlus 6T Teardown reveals the camera lens in the optical fingerprint sensor in the display

Photos: YouTube / JerryRigEverything

OnePlus 6T has a camera lens and sensor in a component fingerprint sensor

OnePlus 6T is the first smart phone of a Chinese phone maker with a fingerprint sensor that is popularized this year. This relatively new biometric technology occurs at a time when market demand tilts to all screen designs with minimal frames. Now Zack from JerryRigEverything has performed the teardown OnePlus 6T to show viewers internal components of the main smartphone. The peak of the teardown is shown with the OnePlus 6T fingerprint sensing sensor, which is in fact a small camera sensor designed to illuminate during operation.

Zard starts removing the back panel and disassembling the battery. Then it removes a black plastic plate (with a NFC chip) that protects the motherboard underneath it. The dual rear camera module is removed from the motherboard to show the presence of OIS on the primary sensor and none on the secondary unit.

It then removes the protective plastic housing through the fingerprint sensor. Positioned north of the charging interface is the optical sensor for fingerprints. It stretches the fingerprint sensor, which consists of a camera lens and a sensor. It works by taking your unique fingerprint and using the illuminators on the screen to capture it for future unlocking. She says that this technology could lead to self-employed cameras in the near future, which will avoid the screen successfully.

Sensor capture reveals a transparent hole. It then turns the handset on without a fingerprint sensor to indicate that the screen still works but does not shine back. "The LEDs on the screen just shine in one direction – outwards," says Zack. When this is done, it returns all components to restart the fingerprint sensor in the display.

At the end of last month, the OnePlus 6T was tested with a standard durability test on YouTube JerryRigEverything. The test alerted that the fingerprint sensor on the screen was not scratched and worked well.

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