Michelle Keegan calls on women to go on screening cervical cancer

Michelle Keegan urged women to carry out insect tests (Ian West / PA)
Michelle Keegan urged women to carry out insect tests (Ian West / PA)

Michelle Keegan admits she has postponed her tests because she urged women to be examined for cervical cancer.

Our girlfriend said that she found excuses not to take into account the letters her doctor called for the test, but convinced her fans that the procedure was not painful.

She published a number of videos in Instagram in which she spoke about the test passed and wrote: "It's time to talk about cervical screening tests … AKA horrific test for SMEAR (a horrible word)!

"I'll be honest with myself, I had many letters through my front door, which I pushed away. I also ignored my mother's complex reasons that tell me to reserve a meeting with my local GP."

Keegan said she used the excuse that she was too busy and thought it was embarrassing to "drop her hats and open her legs before a perfect stranger".

She also admitted she was frightened about how painful the test would be.

She added: "But I finally got my finger out (sorry, I'm full) and went to my meeting.

"My doctor was so cute, I jumped to bed and it was over in less than 2 minutes! It was embarrassing, but without pain."

Keegan said she was terrifying to learn that cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 years of age and some do not have any symptoms.


"My advice … STOP makes excuses, a book and go to your bloody grease!

"The deletion test lasts 5 minutes, the effect of cervical cancer lasts a lifetime!"

The number of women who were involved in lung tests, after the death of a real star Jade Goody, rose in 2009, but the recording of cervical screenings took place up to 20 years ago.

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