Jessica Biel: "We have all done things that we are not proud of"

Jessica Biel speaks as a sinner, as the second season of her exhibition Netflix debuts.

What is it to be a manufacturer, instead of standing in front of the camera for the second season?

It's very different. Actually, it was a bit hard to swallow for a minute. It was hard to be there every day with an excellence, with the crew who worked my heart and all my emotions are happening on the table, as I did last year.

How has your relationship with the word "son" or "sinner" changed from the presentation?

Well, this definitely sums up this idea that this is an ambiguous mark, and in many respects all human beings were sinners at once. We have all done things for which we are not proud, we may not deal with people in a way that we are proud of. I also feel when I have shown that it has rejected my judgment when I hear this mark or this phrase.

In the first season, there was an emotional and physical burden on you, of course, you grew up and you can master it. This season is on the 13-year-old child – Elisha Henigu – which is a big responsibility.

Yes, this is a big responsibility, and this is something we have been talking about, and when we broadcast Elisha, we had to find someone who has this ability, perhaps over his own years, and somehow we still had to connect and connect with this young person. But, as you can see, it's amazing. There were many very demanding elements for filling castings.

When did we talk about how you came with Bill Pullman as an elective player?

Well, he's very gifted. And Bill is someone who is also curious about life and interests of people. He will not judge immediately, and it's just like Harry Ambrose. Looking back, we are working with him in the first season, it was just such a joy. He thus invested in everything he does and desperately wants his performance to be better if possible, which is what I always want to do.

Jessica Biel on Sinner's second season with Bill Pullman.
Jessica Biel on Sinner's second season with Bill Pullman.

You said that you want to focus – but this is very time-consuming.

It's very time-consuming. If I decide, it may not be long, because I have small children, I think I would never see your family, and that's a challenge. But do I have stamina? I think I'm doing it. When I decided to do something I did, no matter what and what I will do. I will kill myself in the process and I will never see my child and get divorced. I'm just kidding, but now there's a lot of work and not a good time for me.

Congratulations on your five Emmy nominations this year. In view of this, you must be particularly proud Sinner is your child?

This is a wonderful feeling. This project is something we've seen from start to finish, and it's exciting to be recognized for something I'm really proud of. I think players do not work for prizes, I certainly do not work for prizes, and in fact I have not received a prize yet! Well, that's pretty cool.

How good are you in reconciling family life and work?

I'm very good about this. I do not jump to work very quickly or very quickly because I now have a family and I really have to sacrifice my time with my son and husband to work. And I'm pretty good on this. I'm really picky about the material and honestly, I just have to be inspired to the point where I do not think I can make a movie or television series.

You were recently in Amsterdam with your family. Was it a holiday?

Yeah. It was so great. We had a wonderful time to go to the park, the wheels everywhere, wonderful. I think you could say this as a rest for me, but Justin traveled there and that's why we were on tour with him.

Your mother is a spiritual doctor – what gave you this?

Feel for peace, definitely. It's very unusual. When I was a kid and I was upset, I would always start with her saying: "Take a deep breath, calm down and stop for a second". I would never take me to a doctor if I did not have bones exposed or something similar (laughter) and we always tried Eastern medicine. She taught me that I am irrelevant and I am grateful for it because it can absorb what is happening without a big response to it. Perhaps I would have such a big reaction after I absorbed it, but in general I am quite a woman.

You grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Do we go home very often?

I do not come back often, just because my family moved. So when I return to Boulder, it's very nostalgic, because it's very rare. And even there I did not spend any time for adults, because when I come back, it literally reminds me of my youth, elementary school and my high school. My experience with him is very positive. At that moment, there was nothing bad in life, which is why it's a very idyllic experience for me.

• Second season Sinner Now it's running on Netflix.

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