Gigantic inflatable Santa blocks traffic after breaking free of the garden


Drivers in CambriaGear were given a bizarre reason for running late after a giant inflatable Santa blocked traffic.

The Santa Claus escaped its moorings and flew across the B198 Cromwell Road in Wisbech, blocking it in both directions from 1.30pm on Tuesday.

Footage taken by taxi driver Muhammad Fared shows the booth Santa causing the Gridlock.

The inflatable was not caught until 5:00, three and a half hours later, according to motion logs, reported by Cambria Life.

Mr Fared, from Peterborough, tells the BBC the giant Santa broke out of a house's front garden on Cromwell Road.

"I saw the wobble and then come down the road – it's a smile," he said. "It was massive, bigger than my seven-seater machine."

"It was one of the more unusual reasons to be stuck in traffic."

– Pros Association

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