Gardaí is ready to arrest key suspects for the wild attack on the football ref


Judge Daniel Sweeney after the incident at Horseleap, Co Offaly, on Sunday
Judge Daniel Sweeney after the incident at Horseleap, Co Offaly, on Sunday

Gardaí identified the suspects and awaited arrests after the alleged attack on a judge at an amateur football match for adults.

Midlands Judge Daniel Sweeney was hospitalized with numerous injuries after his alleged assault in the parking lot after a game at Co Offaly on Sunday morning.

They believe that he was attacked by three players from Mullingar Tow and a spectator who joined the club after meeting with Horseleap at the Club of Combined Counties Football League (CCFL).

It is understood that the guards followed a particular investigation and interviewed many eyewitnesses during the investigation. Yesterday's alleged attack was also examined.

Mr Sweeney had some time to heal and investigate the injuries.

It is understood that he was taken from Tullamore Hospital to St James Hospital and then to the hospital for the eyes and ear.

He suffered a suspected broken jaw, along with an injury to his eyepiece and his chestnut tree, and after the supposed attack, he had to wear seams after him.

The chairman of the Irish Football Judge (ISRS), Paul O'Brien, said that he had been in contact with the FAI Director-General John Delaney on this issue.

"We will obviously sit with them. He promised me that after this meeting I will be with me, the next week is likely, and we will be able to discuss this," he said.

"Depending on what we want from this, we never want to see it again, but we believe it is necessary to prevent this from happening. We need to examine the waivers for players who do this.

"We want to have this examined and we want to be involved in debates about how to overcome it. If I think the judge is the smallest, or if a judge could judge and still get a year, so we have to do, we have to look at defining attacks."

Mr O'Brien said that the abuse of judges in social media should also be considered.

Seán Montgomery, the president of the federal football league, said that the participants would receive a ban on life and that a significant penalty would be imposed on the club.

He said: "There will be no stone that would be in how we deal with this.

"Totally and totally unacceptable."

The latest incident follows a warning by the Dublin District Schoolboys League (DDSL) about incidents of violence in matches.

And Leinster Senior League also issued a complaint for respecting players and competitors after numerous recent events.

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