Eoin Price pays a strong appreciation to Clonkill and his teammate Loughlin, who honored his cousin and family


Sometimes sport can be welcome to deter.

Anabel Loughlin was tragically alienated from her community and her family after a terrible accident on Friday. So, in the afternoon there was a three-day funeral girl Clonkill.

Anabel was daughter of Ende Loughlin, Clonkill and Westmeath, who had a great deal of satisfaction and Anabel's family blessings on Thursday evening at the Leinster Finals Final between Clonkill and Ballyboden St Enda.

On Tuesday night at Parnell Park and the GAA Group, the Clonkill Group and its real family, little Anabela is proud.

Her cousins ​​Luke and Adam Loughlin were part of the Clonkill team that went down, but they headed for Ballyboden. Luke Loughlin led Clonkill's battle.

The 23-year-old, one of Westmeath's top football players, scored 1-2 in the game, while the second goal dragged Westmeath champions back to when Ballyboden threatened to take off.

The Dublin men finally dominated the good titanium in extreme time, but the spirit, character and unity of this Clonkill group in the face of such grief was something else. This was summed up by Luke Loughlin, his partner Eoin Price, on Wednesday, to the greatest hero Clonkill with some powerful words.

"I want to give Luke Loughlin what he did yesterday evening. Sports is certainly not all, but to see the pride that this young man brought so many people after such a difficult week for his family, I've never been so proud that I came from Clonkilla, "is on tweeted.

Clonkill hurling manager Kevin O'Brien also tweeted about his pride in his team after an evening when the result became irrelevant and the GAA community united in unity.

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