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Contaminated blood scandal: & # 39; debt of gratitude to victims & # 39;


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Media captionInfected blood is "another death sentence

Wales "owes a debt of gratitude" to those who campaign for the contaminated blood scandal, says the health minister.

Vaughan Gething said there was a "real feeling of embarrassing" that it happened in the NHS.

But it was important to hear about human costs and the fact that it is not early on.

Victims and their families say a second day in Cardiff, UK-wide public scrutiny.

Patients contracted HIV or hepatitis from contaminated blood products in the 1970s and 80s, leading to around 2400 deaths in the UK.

There are many 300 species of whales in existence, but this was 35 years before the UK agreed to a public investigation led by a former court.

This was holding evidence sessions across the UK.

The first day in the corpse was heard from the widows of two victims and a man who had seized hepatitis of dead blood, but spoke for the first time in 34 years.

Jones, from Panardave's Swansea Valley, was given infected transfusion blood in 1990 after losing his leg in a forklift truck accident at work. He died in 2012.

His wife, Carisa, said: "He suffered and he suffered. He was just a man's skeleton.

"I have never seen such a terrible death in my entire life."

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Gerald Stone appeared Monday that blood affected his life, while the widows of Guanton Jones and Lee sparked, describing losing their husbands.

Mr Goding said: "The best way to honor the gratitude of gratitude is to determine the challenges we face today, to learn lessons from the inquiry and to make recommendations, and then to make it clear what changes we have made – like those of people. Today and critical people who are not here but rely on our services in the future. "

He said the blood service was now much safer, but there was a need for closure, and families had good reason to be angry.

He said the complacency and the lessons would make the NHS safer.

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Vaughan Gething promises to deal with inquiries of inquiry

The Welsh Government has promised to take the recommendations seriously.

Raid App Freeman said he was "accurate" and he had so much admiration for those who didn't.

"I've heard some incredibly upset stories, people who have lived through the pity of being affected by HIV and Hepatitis C, without their fault of their own, and therefore have to fight for answers."

He said the government should not wait until the end of the investigation to ensure that families are fairly and equally supported – and to be paid for by the UK government.

But he said there were steps that the French government could now take to help in the meantime.

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Media captionJennifer Hutchinson was diagnosed with hepatitis C, 34 years after receiving contaminated blood

Conservative health spokeswoman Angela Burns said it "showed the system its absolute worst," and the Welsh government had to "adopt" the recommendations.

The coverage was "massive", as well as the sound effects, and she said that all governments needed to "secure their action," so everyone had the right support and compensation.

Woman giving blood

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Blood donations in whales

In figures

  • 350Full blood donations are needed every day

  • 98,000Blood cells collected a year

  • 12,500Unit of blood platelets per year

  • 70%Blood needs medical conditions

  • 25% For patients who lose blood after an accident

  • 5%For mothers who have lost blood in childbirth

Welsh Blood Service

The UK's blood supply chain is now among the safest in the world, with screened donors and each unit of blood collected for a number of infectious diseases before it is sent out to hospitals.

The Welsh Blood Service collects in around 400 different locations throughout the country.

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