Anne Hegerty Experiences Bush Tackler & Free; Freakaut & # 39; I'm a celebrity

The Chase Star An Hettery suffered a "freakout" and left a Bush Taker Trial after being voted to take part in the challenge for the last series of I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

Suffered under a slang of slime and six kilos of mysticals, the quiz show star fired monstrous monoliths on the YTW jungle show.

She was competing to win meals that would go to the red team, and managed to get two stars before the trial was too much, saying: "I'm sorry, I can not do it anymore."

Higor said: "I'm the first in 90 seconds, that's ok, I got two stars, and then it was all right.

"I came out and I was just covered in gangkue and milletworms and I was like, no more, can not do it so I shouted" I'm a celebrity get me out of here ! "

"Well, we've got two meals for the other camp, are not they lucky, I really hope they are happy."

James McQuee Salutied The Brandy of His Deathman (Aaron Chown / PA)

Declan Donnelle drinks heteri, saying: "Well done for coming here and heading it up, that takes guts."

The Quiz mouse quipped "yes, fish guts" as she stood covered in slime, opal and worms.

Teammate James MacWey sympathized with Gregory on her return to join the other, even after the camp learned that the two meals she would not go to them.

He said, "The sheer fact is that she is here all, is a center for her breeding, but she just glad she came back.

"Emily left us yesterday so we're glad she's back, because I do not think we can face losing another one of our team yellow."

Snake cancer are stuck with rice and beans, while cricket creak fished on quail for dinner. But the teams are soon united, with snake cancer celebrities go over to join their fellow contestants in the other camp.

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