8 children were injured in a Woking Park accident


In the UK, eight children are being treated for "potentially serious injuries" after an inflatable slide crashed into a fireworks party, the police said.

Surrey police reported the Woking Fireworks as a "big incident" after several children fell off the "giant inflatable slide" on Saturday at 7.30.

The air ambulance service helped to deliver one of the patients to "severe trauma centers" after a sad evening in the South East Coast Rescue Service (WEST PARK) on Woking Park's sad evening.

A witness said he was worried about the night he saw 40 boys on the "slim" slider.

Superintendent Steve Schulten said, "Many children fell off the slope and suffered injuries.
"Eight children were taken to the hospital by the Southeast paramedical service, which caused serious injuries."

He added that the Health and Safety Manager was informed of the incident.

Secamb "had more staff" in the scene of the "major incident".

Patients were transported to London's "major trauma centers" with the aid of an aerial rescue service.

Andy Datson, 23, said he saw up to 40 children on the slider, which he thought was about 30 feet tall at its highest level.

"The night before we walked on the slope and we said it was not safe, it seemed to be the least." – He told.
"He had too many children, and he did not look like many people."

Surrey, a Guildford journalist, said he noticed the flashing lights of ambulances after walking with friends.

"I just thought it would be a slice," he said.

"He seemed to have too many children, and the side area was released.
"If the heavens are forbidden, they fall from the top, I would say that it is at least 25 and 30 feet high."

Oliver Trimble told the BBC that the evacuation was coming soon before the event speakers came before they started fireworks.

He said he saw the victims being treated by doctors, adding: "It was a very terrifying sight to see."
"This is one of Woking's biggest events of the year, thousands of people coming to the fireworks," he said.

Anna Neale, a local musician, said that he was one of the hundreds of people who evacuated the park they spent with families with small children.

The 36-year-old said, "We saw all the blue lights and saw the air ambulance arriving, all evacuated very calmly, everyone was astonished."
He was planning to have his 10 and 6 year old girls take a giant slider after the fireworks.

She said, "I'm very grateful that my kids did not go on, just say that."

The Woking District Rotary Club, organizers of the event, claimed that the collapse was "shocked and confused".

The park will remain closed on Sunday when the police investigate the causes of the case, added the club.
Health and Safety Director spokesman says "initial tests" are being made.

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